Here's an explanation of the mysterious Ancient Ruins of Everspace, and what exactly you can get out of them.

Everspace Guide: What To Do at Ancient Ruins

Here's an explanation of the mysterious Ancient Ruins of Everspace, and what exactly you can get out of them.

As a professional xenologist/space ship pilot/adventurer, I was recently enlisted to take part in some serious research. By braving the infinite dangers of space, I have discovered exactly what you should be doing about the Ancient Ruins of Everspace

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When travelling through the depths of space, it is possible to come across the ruins of an ancient race of civilized beings. While they seem to be long gone, the structures and technology that they created still exist. Should you happen upon one of these marvelous structures, you first need to ask yourself one simple question. 

Can I survive against the weapons of such a powerful alien race? 

If the answer is no, then its best that you warp out and never look back. But if you are confident in your own abilities as a pilot, then prepare for a fight. And keep reading this guide for tips on how to make sure you get out alive.

Surviving the Ancient Ruins in Everspace

When you first stumble upon an Ancient Structure, your first job is to find your way inside. Towards the top of the structure you will find openings with symbols carved into the rock above them. Once inside, you’ll see a floating pillar in the center of an circular room. 

Your next step will be to leave the room. Here is where your skills as a pilot will be put to the test. Fly back out of the structure and you will be confronted by an Ancient defense system. Be careful while fighting, the Ancient’s weapons can demolish both shields and armor in a heartbeat. But that’s not all — these enemies become even more dangerous when they’re defeated, as they will collapse into a black hole for a short time. Teleporting a short distance away is usually the best way to avoid the collapse. 

If you manage to survive the fight, the enemy will transfer some Ancient energy to you. With this energy you can retrieve a powerful reward. Once you’ve got it, fly back into the structure you initially entered, and the floating pillar will absorb the energy. This will grant you an Ancient Glyph, and open a wormhole to an unspecified location further along in your travels. 

The Ancient Glyphs act as powerful bonuses you can add to your ship in between your deaths. These glyphs have a wide variety of effects — like granting the ability to see ruins on the map or giving access to powerful Ancient Weaponry. 

The mysteries of the Ancient’s are endless, but I hope that my studies of these awesome alien structures can benefit future explorers. Visit the rest of our logs to find more Everspace guides that will help you in your own galactic adventures:

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