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Riding an alpaca in FFXIV Dawntrail
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Every New Mount and How to Get Them in FFXIV Dawntrail

Where to grab all 13 new mounts in FFXIV Dawntrail!

Like the expansions before it, FFXIV Dawntrail brings a new set of mounts. While some are straightforward in how to get them, others require you to put in a fair amount of effort (and a lot of time, in some cases). Here’s every new mount and how to get them in FFXIV Dawntrail.

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FFXIV Dawntrail: Every New Mount and How to Get Them

There’s a total of 13 new mounts added in Dawntrail. Some are as easy to get as purchasing them with Gil or simply going through questlines. Others, however, require you to complete much more time-consuming activities, like farming Bicolor Gemstones or leveling multiple classes to 100. For your convenience, the mounts are listed in alphabetical order.

Air-Wheeler AO

The fancy new bike mount that you might’ve seen already, the Air-Wheeler AO is found in Solution Nine. You find the vendor at (X: 85, Y: 13), and the mount costs 7.5 million Gil. While it can be bought and sold on the Marketboard, I imagine the price would be higher there. But it could be worth checking on your server.


I find this is the easiest mount to pick up in Dawntrail. However, you’ll need to invest roughly 50 hours to grab it, and that’s if you aren’t doing any side quests or other content at the same time. That’s right. This is your reward for completing the MSQ, much like Argos was the MSQ reward for Endwalker.


This one will cost you real money. The only way to pick up Ark right now is through the Collector’s Edition of Dawntrail. Which, if you didn’t buy it already, you can upgrade your edition through the Mog Station. I did this with Shadowbringer for the exclusive mount, so the option should be available for quite a while.


If you’re a veteran when it comes to Hunts, you’re in luck. Automatoise is from the Dawn Hunt Vendor in Tuliyollal (X: 14, Y: 13) for 3200 Nuts. Before you have the option to purchase it, you’ll need to reach a certain point in the Dawn Hunt questline. So, if it’s not appearing for you yet, keep questing!


A bit of grinding is required for this mount, but the biggest drawback for it is waiting for the FATE to respawn. You need to gather 12 Ttokrrone Scales from the FATE “The Serpentlord Seethes” in Shaaloani. Once you have 12, head to Uah’shepya in Solution Nine (X: 8.7, Y: 13.3).

Mountain Zu

This mount is from the collaboration with Mountain Dew. So, you need to grab it from redeeming codes, which means there’s an element of luck to it. That also means that you would need to purchase Mountain Dew in order to redeem the codes found on the bottle caps.


Oppressor is the reward for hitting Level 25 in PvP Series 6. You accomplish this by grinding options like Frontline or Crystalline Conflict. Because of this, it’ll take a bit of time to reach Level 25 and grab the mount. But when you do, go into Character Menu > PvP Profile > Series Malmstone to grab the mount.


Perhaps not the most time-consuming mount to earn, but that depends on if you previously spent time leveling multiple classes. That’s because Outrunner is a reward for the achievement “A Life of Adventure VI,” which requires you to level every DoW and DoM class to 100.


You’ll need to do some gathering for this mount, as you purchase it from the Splendors Vendor in Solution Nine (X: 9, Y: 13). It costs 100 Rroneek Horn Tokens, which you get by exchanging Orange Gatherers’ Scrips with the Scrip Exchange vendor by the Splendors Vendor. However, if you’d rather use Gil, you can check the Marketboard for this item since it can be bought and sold. The price and availability varies by server in that case.


Purchased from Edelina in Mor Dhona (X: 22, Y: 5) for 500 Turali Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers. These vouchers are purchased in Tuliyollal or Solution Nine for 100 Bicolor Gemstones, which are gathered from FATEs. As such, you’ll have to spend a fair amount of time farming FATEs for this mount.


I hope you’re ready to farm marks. You need two achievements for this mount. First is “Dawn of a New A Game III,” which requires you to kill 2000 A Rank creatures. Second is “Dawn of a New S Game III,” which requires you to kill 2000 S Rank creatures. Since you have to wait for them to spawn, this mount will likely take the longest to get.

Wings of Resolve

Dropped as loot from Everkeep (Extreme). Once you finish the normal version, you can speak to the Minstrel at any location and unlock the extreme version. Since it’s a loot drop, you need to roll for it and hope for a bit of luck.

Wings of Ruin

Like Wings of Resolve, Wings of Ruin is dropped from Worqor Lar Dar (Extreme). Once again, you’ll unlock it by speaking with the Minstrel, and then you’ll need to roll for it and hope that you get lucky enough to pick it up.

And that covers every new mount and how to get them in FFXIV Dawntrail. If you’re looking for more content, head to our FFXIV guide hub!

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