This Evil Genius 2 tips and tricks guide will help you fast-track your plans for world domination.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Tips and Tricks Guide

This Evil Genius 2 tips and tricks guide will help you fast-track your plans for world domination.

Evil Genius 2 is a simulation/management game that will have you spinning a lot of plates to keep your base running smoothly. Don’t know how to manage your minions? Base building got you tying corridors in knots? Pesky special agents sabotaging your generators?

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Never fear, there are ways to manage all of these different mechanisms, and like a loyal henchman, we’re on hand to dole out advice. These tips and tricks will keep you looking like the best Mastermind in front of your adoring minions fans.

Keep an Eye on Minion Ratios

It might sound incredibly basic, but knowing how to manage your minions is very important. Minions have specific jobs within your base:

  • Muscle are bodyguards but can also man security stations.
  • Scientists perform research but man research station when off duty.
  • Valets keep your cover operation running but dispose of bodies.

You ideally want at least 30-40% of your force to be muscle, especially as Evil Genius 2 throws stronger agents at you. You’ll likely want those to be general guards, but throw in a handful of Mercenaries, Martial Artists, and Hitmen when they become available.

Next, you should have at least 20% of your workforce dedicated to Deception and Science. Deception minions should be prioritized as Valets, as they do a lot of work. When it comes to Scientists, you want equal numbers. Off-duty scientists are useful for gathering intel in your communication centres, and if you have a surplus of them, they can be sent to the world map to tackle lucrative schemes, without you needing to expend guards and regular minions.

As for regular minions: always have a pool. They’re a good meatshield, and many of the schemes you undertake require upwards of six at a time. If you’re running short, remember you can buy two for $10,000 at any time.

Don’t Ignore the World Map

Again, another fairly basic piece of advice, but an easy one to let fall to the wayside because the action in the base is far more interesting.

Keep checking in with the schemes on the world map. Always. If you need a short cash injection, sending three minions to grab $10,000 is usually worth it. Otherwise, focus on alternating between reducing heat and grabbing cash.

Make sure you are always checking the status of the various super agents around the world. If you’re in a dull spot, feel free to send minions to taunt them to attack you; it’s often better than waiting for them to arrive unannounced.

If Evil Genius 2 tells you that you have a new scheme on the map, check it out straight away. Often, it is a chance to slow down a super agent, buying you valuable time.

Otherwise, just keep running schemes. Be aware that any scheme will consume minions sent to it, so if you’re running low after a raid, you might want to let cash tick up naturally.

Also never be afraid to cancel schemes. You don’t get a full refund, but heat will always max out and lock a region down, so it’s better to get cash injection in the meantime.

Make Sure Your Evil Genius is Always Busy

The Genius is the physical representation of you in the game; they are powerful characters with good stats and can be buffed via research. They’re also easy for agents to gang up on, which will result in a game over.

Despite this, you’ll want to keep them on the move in your base, always firing off their abilities where it matters.

Each Genius has an ability that uses Morale to prioritize jobs in an area around them and a second ability that costs smarts to trigger an instant effect. These are both incredibly powerful, and you should use them as much as you can. And recharge your Genius’ resource pool in their sanctum in between.

As an example, Maximilian’s “Train Faster!” is a wonderful ability to throw out after a base raid; it instantly completes any minion training near Maximillian, which can save you time in replenishing your forces.

Each Genius has a unique skill relating to a specific minion type, but their Prioritise Job ability makes sure your research gets done, and your intel gets grabbed.

When they’re off cooldown, make sure you’re finding somewhere to activate them. If your base is being invaded, don’t leave them too far from the fray either; their ranged attacks are powerful, you can use them to reveal disguised rogues, and, if you’re paying attention, you can even lead agents into nasty traps.

These are the abilities for each Genius. 

  • Work Harder! This orders minions to prioritize jobs in Maximilian’s vicinity.
  • Train Faster! Instantly completes any minion training near Maximilian, very helpful when you need to quickly train up specialist minions to send to complete schemes or bolster the ranks of your muscle minions.  
  • Large Work Force: Max earns gold at a higher rate than other Geniuses, and he starts with a few additional minions to get you kick-started.
Red Ivan
  • Work Harder! This orders minions to prioritize jobs in Red Ivan’s vicinity. This aura will also boost the combat ability of all minions nearby. 
  • Old School: Ivan fires a rocket launcher at his enemies. Incredibly powerful, but collateral damage is guaranteed
  • Might Makes Right: Red Ivan gets a discount on all muscle minions, and all of your regular workers will get a damage boost too.
  • Work Harder! Jobs in Emma’s vicinity will be prioritized. Minions that are near Emma will have their spotting power increased, making them better at seeing through disguises.   
  • Plotter: Using this will all Henchmen nearby to receive a buff, and reset their abilities. Excellent when you get a few more Henchmen and have to battle multiple Super Agents later on.  
  • Spymaster: As a former Spymaster, Emma’s Deception minions are more efficient, needing to rest and eat less. She also finds it easier to counter the raise Heat on the world map. 
  • Work Harder! Orders minions to prioritize jobs in Zalika’s immediate area. Sceince minions will receive a better boost than others.
  • Repair: Immediately repairs all items and extinguishes all fires in an area. Excellent in the early game when you’re running low on technicians, or in the aftermath of a Saboteur attack.
  • True Genius: Zalika’s science minions are more efficient than others, and will complete research far quicker.

Take Out Agents Efficiently

Regardless of how well you play and how much you focus on taking down heat, you’ll get invaded by various types of agents.

We’ll be publishing a full base-building guide later on, which will give you an idea of how to construct a well-guarded base, but right now, here are some tips on how to take out agents.

Don’t be afraid of layering lots of traps in the corridors your agents use. The most frequent points of ingress on the basic map are the door from the Casino and the supply door. Basic Minions and Valets use these the most, and they’re each fairly expendable. Make sure cameras focus on these entrances, so that guards can be alerted to trespassers as fast as possible

Building armories near entrances is a good idea, too. The closer the armory is to these entrances, the faster your guards can react. Despite their muscle, they are as lazy as any other minion.

The best tactic is to let agents take the brunt of their damage from laser walls and dart traps, before tagging them for death.

Conversely, super agents need to be tagged ASAP as they will disable traps. If they use disguises, get a Genius or a Henchmen to break their masquerade as quickly as you can.

One final tip. Super Agents they will leave behind items that interfere with your base

  • Rogues leave cameras and evidence that must be destroyed, else heat will rise more quickly
  • Saboteurs leave explosives that must be removed, else they’ll set off chain reactions of destructions in your base.

Those are our beginner/early-game tips and tricks for Evil Genius 2. Feel free to check back in the next few days, as we put together a few more guides, including one for base building, to help you with the ultimate goal of World Domination.

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