Evolve: Wildlife and Buffs Quick Reference Guide

If you want to know all the wildlife and buffs in Evolve, then this guide will tell you everything.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Knowing the wildlife, and buffs that they give, in Evolve is just as important as knowing your class. Wildlife gives food to the monsters to allow it to evolve. Certain monsters also give buffs to both the monster and the hunters.

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There are 19 creatures/wildlife in Evolve and trying to remember them all is hard. That’s why I made this reference guide. You can come here at anytime to check on the buffs of the wildlife and how much food they give monsters.

This guide will cover all the wildlife and buffs in Evolve including:

  • Prey Wildlife – What they are and what they give.
  • Alerting Wildlife – What they are and what they give.
  • Predator Wildlife – What they are and what they give.

Prey Wildlife

This is wildlife that either won’t attack at all or won’t attack unless you attack first, or get too close.

  • Man-Eating Plant – These plants attack unsuspecting hunters that wander over them. Mutated plants appear sometimes when a monster wins in Evacuation, which it can feed on.
  • Basking Cephaladon – Creature with an octopus face and long tail.
    • Hunter Buff – Makes wildlife runs away.
    • Monster Buff – Eats 50% faster.
    • Monster Food – 3
  • Mammoth Bird – Giant 2-legged creatures that uses aoe electric attack.
    • Hunter Buff – 50% faster reload and weapon switch.
    • Monster Buff – 50% faster ability cooldown.
    • Monster Food – 3
  • Crowbill Sloth – Giant sloth with powerful attacks and slow movement.
    • Hunter Buff – 35% increased damage.
    • Monster Buff – 35% increased damage.
    • Monster Food – 4

  • Armadon – Three-stomached creatures that will eat anything.
    • Hunter Buff – 35% increased damage.
    • Monster Buff – 35% increased damage.
    • Monster Food – 4
  • Strider – Does not do damage, but moves faster.
    • Hunter Buff – 30% increased damage.
    • Monster Buff – 30% increased damage.
    • Monster Food – 4
  • Glaciopod – Releases blue stones that increases armor and energy.
  • Steamadon – Discolors the player’s screen with steam..
    • Hunter Buff – Bullets slow the target.
    • Monster Buff – Attacks slow the target.
    • Monster Food – 2
  • Obsidian Grub – Hides in its hard shell to make it harder to kill.
    • Hunter Buff – 75% increase to ammo/battery.
    • Monster Buff – No longer startles birds.
    • Monster Food – 1

Alerting Wildlife

These will alert the hunters to where the monster is or set off traps.

  • Harpies – Appears over the mosnter’s kills. The stronger the monster, the better the chance.
  • Batrays – Appears when monster startles them by moving.
  • Spotters – Little creatures that can set off sound spikes.
    • Hunter Buff – Reveals all wildlife within 40 meters.
    • Monster Buff – Increases smell range by 100%.
    • Monster Food – 1

Predator Wildlife

These are aggressive creatures that will seek nearby hunters.

  • Tyrant – Giant turtle that hides in the water.
    • Hunter Buff – Health Regeneration.
    • Monster Buff – Health regeneration.
    • Monster Food – 4
  • Venom Hound – Small, poisonous creatures.
    • Hunter Buff – Bullets poison the target.
    • Monster Buff – Attacks poison the target.
    • Monster Food – 1
  • Blitz Leopard – Creatures with long, glowing tails.
    • Hunter Buff – 400% increase to jump height.
    • Monster Buff – 50% increase to climbing speed.
    • Monster Food – 2
  • Nomad – Giant creature that attacks anything in range.
    • Hunter Buff – Jetpack recharges 300% faster.
    • Monster Buff – Movement ability recharges 50% faster.
    • Monster Food – 4
  • Reaver – Small monkey-like creatures.
    • Hunter Buff – Uses 35% less Jetpack energy when flying.
    • Monster Buff – Increases armor regeneration by 30%.
    • Monster Food – 1

  • Phantom – Flying creatures unlocked on Aviary map if the monster wins in Evacuation.
    • Monster Food – 1
  • Trapjaw – Pack creatures. Same type as Maggie’s pet, Daisy. 
    • Monster Food – 1
  • Mega-mouth – Giant creature that looks like a boulder.
    • Hunter Buff – Class skill recharge 50% faster.
    • Monster Buff – Attack faster from stealth.
    • Monster Food – 4
  • Dune Beetle – Giant insect that can incapacitate hunters.
    • Monster Food – 4
  • Canyon Eel – Water creatures only unlocked when a monster wins in Evacuation.

That’s all the wildlife and buffs that they give Evolve. Check out my General Advice and Beginner Tips/Tricks or my Evolve Guide Directory for more guides on Evolve. If you have any questions, or buffs/creatures that I missed, let me know in the comments.

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