Exoprimal: All Trophies and Achievements

Here's a complete list of all trophies and achievements in Exoprimal.

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Our guide will provide you with a complete list of all trophies and achievements in Exoprimal, along with short instructions on how to get them. There are 39 trophies and achievements to be earned on Xbox platforms, and 40 for PlayStation and Steam. The missing one for Xbox players is the Platinum on PS4 and PS5, and just so happens to be available on Steam.

Exoprimal All Trophies and Achievements List

Bronze Trophies and Achievements

  • Welcome to Aibius — Complete the tutorial.
  • Research Facility — Return from Dino Survival for the first time.
  • Good News! — Check a report from Leviathan.
  • Magnum’s Investigation — Help with Magnum’s investigation.
  • Meet Durban — Defeat a powerful Neosaur.
  • Durban’s Trial — Survive a combat test in the abyss.
  • Man in the Machine — Survive a combat test in the abyss.
  • Peerless Shooter — Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with Deadeye.
  • Riding the Wind — Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with Zephyr.
  • Highly Explosive — Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with Barrage.
  • Battlefield Recon — Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with Vigilant.
  • Dead End — Block a total of 10,000 damage with Roadblock.
  • Mission Complete — Block a total of 10,000 damage with Krieger.
  • Mechanical Bushido — Block a total of 10,000 damage with Murasame.
  • Healing Practices — Repair 10,000 total health with Witchdoctor.
  • Ruler of the Skies — Repair 10,000 total health with Skywave.
  • Dangerous Skater — Repair 10,000 total health with Nimbus.
  • Spear Stopper — Stop a Triceratops charge with Roadblock.
  • Carnivore No More — Defeat a Carnotaurus.
  • Shield Slayer — Defeat a Triceratops.
  • Dinosaur Handler — Use a Dominator for the first time.
  • Threat Level Rising — Experience a dinosaur upgrade for the first time.
  • A Sample of Suits — Try ten different exosuits.
  • No Exosuit? No Problem — Eliminate 20 dinosaurs as a pilot in a single match.
  • One Small Step — Increase your suit level for the first time.
  • Exofighter’s Honor — Equip an award for the first time.
  • Fashionable, Yet Deadly — Try ten different exosuits.
  • Escape Path — Check Lost Data for the first time.

Silver Trophies and Achievements

  • Prized Research Subjects — Defeat Durban.
  • A New Tyrant — Defeat a T-Rex.
  • Shapeshifter — Emerge victorious using five different exosuits in Dino Survival.
  • Exosuit Developer — Customize the Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus exosuits in the Hangar.
  • Arms Developer — Unlock three rigs.
  • Decisions, Decisions — Equip a module for the first time.

Gold Trophies and Achievements

  • Ancient Problems, Modern Solutions — Defeat a large number of dinosaurs summoned by Leviathan.
  • Cretaceous Eradicator — Eliminate a total of 100,000 dinosaurs.
  • Exosuit Researcher — Collect 50 modules.
  • Ace Pilot — Reach suit level ten with ten exosuits.
  • Whatever They Won’t See Coming — Escape from Bikitoa.

Platinum Trophy and Achievement (PlayStation Only)

  • Exorprimal — Acquire all Exoprimal trophies.

Those are all trophies and achievements in Exoprimal. Stay tuned for more Exoprimal tips and tricks articles right here.

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