This Exos Heroes best characters tier list outlines the game's best heroes by rank, ranging from SS-Tier to A-Tier.

Exos Heroes Best Characters Tier List

This Exos Heroes best characters tier list outlines the game's best heroes by rank, ranging from SS-Tier to A-Tier.

Just like Hero Cantare, Exos Heroes mobile has a plethora of characters to choose from — more than 250, to be exact! That’s a huge roster to sift through, and you’ll want to know which heroes are the most powerful from the start. That’s why we’ve put together this Exos Heroes best character tier list, so you’ll know which ones to keep and which ones to reroll for. 

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You can obtain all these characters by playing the Exos Heroes story mode. Then, you can form your own unique parties and dominate in the game’s PvP mode. 

Below, we’ll break down the best heroes by rating, separating things into rare SS-Tier heroes, S-Tier heroes, and A-Tier heroes. If a character doesn’t fall into one of those three categories, should they really be in your party? 

Exos Heroes Best Characters Tier List

Exos Heroes SS-Tier Characters


Exos Heroes SS-Tier character Sabrina

  • Attack: 1150
  • Defense: 959
  • HP: 3474
  • Speed: 92

Sabrina is a universal offensive character that performs equally well against a single target or an entire party of enemies.

Her Elegant Execution attack deals 300% damage to a single enemy, which ends up being a davastating blow of 3450 damage points.

If you need to wreck a horde of opponents, then use her Phoenix’s Attack move, which deals 178% damage to all attackers for 3 Mana.

Sabrina also possesses the Protection of the Dragon Knight ability, which allows her to increase all her damage output by another 250%.


Exos Heroes SS-Tier character Anastasia

  • Attack: 788
  • Defense: 670
  • HP: 5447
  • Speed: 32

Anastasia is the best healer in Exos Heroes. She has a huge pool of abilities that carry a vast array of healing properties, which every party simply must use to their advantage.

However, her best ability is Frozen Purification, which not only heals all allies for 50% of their health but also removes all status effects that may have been cast on them from an enemy. This magic ability costs 4 Mana, but it’s definitely worth it.

Anastasia can also buff her allies by increasing their attack damage up to 525% using her Magical Doom Girl ability.

Exos Heroes S-Tier Characters


Exos Heroes S-Tier character Chati

  • Attack: 571
  • Defense: 1104
  • HP: 4862
  • Speed: 52

Chati is not just a great tanky character with tons of armor: She is also an excellent support character that can help your party stay tight, even in the direst situations.

Chati’s Lucky Chess ability protects your entire back row of allies for the duration of 12 turns. It grants each of them a shield that adds an extra 40% to their defense stat.

Lastly, the Miracle Meteor skill can put to sleep a targeted enemy for the duration of four turns, which can save you a lot of effort.


Exos Heroes S-Tier character Baileysh

  • Attack: 1077
  • Defense: 670
  • HP: 3544
  • Speed: 32

If you like playing with dark magic and enjoy inflicting all sorts of nasty status effects on your enemies, then Baileysh is a great choice for your party.

This hero can cast the Broken Negotiations spell on a target enemy, which continuously deals 39% damage each turn for two turns in a row for just 2 Mana.

But his Cold-Blooded Servant ability is even better, if more expensive. You can use it to either deal 375% damage to a single target, or cast a status effect, which deals 112% damage to a single target in the course of five turns.

Exos Heroes A-Tier Characters


Exos Heroes A-Tier character Rachel

  • Attack: 1157
  • Defense: 964
  • HP: 4455
  • Speed: 96

Rachel is one of the most unique characters in Exos Heroes. Her skill set is nothing you’ve ever seen before, but it’s one you will surely love once add Rachel to your party.

For example, her Shadowless ability allows you to reset an entire turn if you changed your mind. This is definitely very useful if you learn how things work in the game.

Her passive ability Magic Flow of Energy permanently grants one extra point of magic power, which is especially relevant in a party of chaos mages.

Besides, Rachel has a few awakening skills that buff attack and critical hit chance of her allies.


Exos Heroes A-Tier character Ramge

  • Attack: 792
  • Defense: 600
  • HP: 5463
  • Speed: 74

Ramge is a reverse healer. This means that his skills are based on preventing enemy units from regenerating. This approach is unusual yet very effective.

His Dark Touch ability prevents a single target from recovering for 12 turns in a row. This, in combination with Black Panther Sprint, which continuously deals damage to all enemies each turn, makes Ramge a very valuable ally.

Also, when his own health drops below 30%, his speed is increased for four turns, and he becomes immune to physical damage.


Exos Heroes A-Tier character Garff

  • Attack: 579
  • Defense: 1109
  • HP: 4894
  • Speed: 56

Garff is a hero that specializes in hitting the enemy’s back row, which often becomes the biggest obstacle on the battlefield.

His General’s Call ability deals 420% damage to all enemy units in the opponent’s back row, which equals more than 2,000 points of damage to each of them.

Garff can also grant defensive buffs to his own allies when using his Command ability, which automatically grants a 20% defense boost to any ally whose health drops below his own current level.

Thus, Garff is both a great defensive and supporter character for your party.

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That’s it for our Exos Heroes best character’s tier list. Be sure to check the links above for more tier lists!

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