Use this best skills guide to rain death from afar with the Sagittarius class in Expeditions: Rome.

Expeditions: Rome — Best Sagittarius Class Skills and Complete Skill Tree

Use this best skills guide to rain death from afar with the Sagittarius class in Expeditions: Rome.

The Sagittarius class in Expeditions: Rome is basically an archer. Companions like Julia, as well as any generic Sagittarii that you recruit during the campaign, are the only ones that can equip bows. As such, you’ll want to have them rain death from a distance. Just watch out: their projectiles tend to be deflected by shields. 

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This Expeditions: Rome guide outlines the Sagittarius class skill tree and provides suggestions on the best skills you should focus on for this class. Click the links below to jump to specific skill trees or straight to the best Sagittarius skills:

The Sagittarius Class Skill Tree in Expeditions: Rome

The Sagittarius class in Expeditions: Rome has three skill trees: Marksman, Hunter, and Sniper. In each branch, there are tiers requiring you to spend a certain number of points (i.e., 0/1/4/7) before you can obtain new active and passive abilities.

As you progress further in the campaign, you’ll likely have enough to unlock the strongest abilities for a couple of these trees. Still, we’ll outline the best skills for the Sagittarius class in Expeditions: Rome so that you can prepare for the early-game experience onward.

Note that we’ve also cited which abilities are active (A) and passive (P). Likewise, we’ve added if certain skills have requirements or if they have additional ranks or levels.

Sagittarius Marksman Class Skills

Tier 1

  • Interrupt (A; 2 ranks) — Applies the interrupting status (i.e., overwatch); shoot an enemy that moves within a frontal cone. The upgraded version increases the area covered by the frontal cone.
  • Point Blank (P) — +100% critical chance against adjacent enemies.

Tier 2

  • Vigilant (P; requires Interrupt) — Interrupt can attack two targets before it ends.
  • Rebuke (A; 2 ranks) — Deals damage and pushes the target away from you; doubles the damage if upgraded.

Tier 3

  • Gracing Shot (A; 2 ranks) — Applies gracing, where your next attack deals slashing damage; +50% slashing damage if upgraded.
  • Powerful Kick (P; 2 ranks; requires Rebuke) — Rebuke will knock down a target; you receive the tactical effect (i.e., avoid triggering attacks of opportunity) if upgraded.

Tier 4

  • Steady Hands (P) — +100% critical chance for all ranged reaction shots (i.e., Interrupt and Overwatch).
  • Overwatch (A) — Every time an enemy attacks an ally within a 6-hex radius, you’ll automatically shoot that enemy. Can only target each foe once per turn.

Sagittarius Hunter Class Skills

Tier 1

  • Quick Shot (A) — Shoot two targets with -30% accuracy and +30% miss chance.
  • Versatile (P; 2 ranks) — Performing an attack grants versatile; ranged attacks improve melee attacks, and vice versa. The upgraded version increases damage by +50%.

Tier 2

  • Lure (A) — Prevents a target from using cover.
  • Skirmisher (P; requires Versatile) — Versatile has a 100% critical chance if the previous attack was a killing blow.

Tier 3

  • Pinning Shots (P; 3 ranks) — All ranged hits within 2/4/6 hexes apply crippled (i.e., -50% movement).
  • Arrow Stab (A) — Stab an adjacent target for half damage and inflict bleeding; the target is also stunned if they’re already being flanked.

Tier 4

  • Barrage (A) — Every time you shoot a target, you regain an action point. Accuracy is also reduced by 33%.
  • Find Weakness (P) — Your ranged attacks apply bleeding, weakened, or harried.

Sagittarius Sniper Class Skills

Tier 1

  • Ranging Shot (A) — Applied spotted to specific to a 2-hex radius; ranged attacks made against targets there deal full damage regardless of distance.
  • Marksman (P; 2 ranks) — +2/4 accuracy.

Tier 2

  • Spotter (P; 2 ranks; requires Ranging Shot) — Ranging Shot now shoots two arrows.
  • Mark Target (A; 2 ranks) — Marks a target; the next ranged attack against them will deal double/250% damage.

Tier 3

  • Eagle Eye (A) — Full ranged damage regardless of the distance up to the maximum allowed range.
  • Walk Your Shots (P; 3 ranks) — +2/4/6 optimal range.

Tier 4

  • Seize Ground (P) — You gain double the movement points during the first two turns of combat. Killing a target that’s further away than 12 hexes replenishes the charge of a random weapon skill.
  • Assist (A) — Your target provokes an attack of opportunity as if they had moved.

Best Skills for the Sagittarius Class in Expeditions: Rome

We found that the best skills for the Sagittarius class in Expeditions: Rome include the following:


Interrupt is basically the “overwatch” command that you’ve come to love in tactical games such as XCOM. Moreover, Vigilant and Steady Hands can turn your archer into a killing machine. Even better, once you have the Eurytus’ Bow from the Temple of Apollon, your final blows with Interrupt allow you to continue shooting.

The Overwatch skill, meanwhile, helps when a teammate near you is being attacked several times. Ideally, you’ll want to take out the fodder first (those with pawn icons) so you can have additional actions. Then, finish your turn by activating Interrupt or Overwatch, so you’ll keep killing opponents during their turn.


Barrage is an amazing skill to have. Unfortunately, the rest of the skills in this tree are disappointing. They’re either situational or they rely more on crowd control. Still, you can recruit a high-level generic Sagittarius with Barrage already unlocked. Hopefully, they also have Interrupt/Vigilant and Marksman.


Marksman is an okay passive. However, you’ll probably want the Tier 3 and Tier 4 abilities like Eagle Eye, Walk Your Shots, and Seize Ground. We suggest just looking for a high-level generic Sagittarius who also has Interrupt and Vigilant unlocked.

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