Expeditions: Rome — Best Triarius Class Skills and Complete Skill Tree

Use this skills guide to support and buff your squad with the Triarius class in Expeditions: Rome.

Use this skills guide to support and buff your squad with the Triarius class in Expeditions: Rome.

The Triarius class in Expeditions: Rome is a melee combatant with a lot of support capabilities. Companions like Syneros, as well as any generic Triarii that you recruit, are the only ones that can equip staves. Similar to pikes, these weapons have attacks that reach enemies that are multiple hexes away. Moreover, these types of weapons can shred the armor of targets. 

This Expeditions: Rome guide outlines the Triarius class skill tree and provides suggestions on the best skills you should focus on for this class. Click the links below to jump to specific skill trees or straight to the best Triarius skills:

The Triarius Class Skill Tree in Expeditions: Rome

The Triarius class in Expeditions: Rome has three skill trees: Medic, Flagbearer, and Destroyer. In each branch, there are tiers requiring you to spend a certain number of points (i.e., 0/1/4/7) before you can obtain new active and passive abilities.

As you progress further in the campaign, you’ll likely have enough to unlock the strongest abilities for a couple of these trees. Still, we’ll cite the best skills for the Triarius class in Expeditions: Rome so that you can prepare for the early-game experience onward.

Note that we’ve outlined which abilities are active (A) and passive (P). Likewise, we’ve added if certain skills have requirements or if they have additional ranks or levels.

Triarius Medic Class Skills

Tier 1

  • Medic (P; 2 ranks) — +25/50% more health restored when healing.
  • Logistics (A; 2 ranks) — +1/2 movement for all allies within a 3-hex radius.

Tier 2

  • Cure (A) — Removes bleeding, poisoned, burning, and burned from an ally.
  • Poisoner (P; 2 ranks) — +5/10% chance for attacks to poison a target.

Tier 3

  • Good As New (P; requires Cure) — Cure also restores 25% HP for each status effect that gets removed.
  • Revive (A; 2 ranks) — Brings an incapacitated/downed character back up to 25/50% HP. They’ll retain unused movement, but their action points will be spent for that turn.

Tier 4

  • Interference (P) — If an enemy within your reach attacks an ally, you can make an attack of opportunity.
  • Curse (A) — Applies weakened (-50% damage) to all enemies in a 6-hex radius.

Triarius Flagbearer Class Skills

Tier 1

  • War Horn (A; 2 ranks) — +25% damage for all allies in a 6-hex radius; increases the duration by an extra turn if upgraded.
  • Bolstering Presence (P) — All adjacent allies won’t fail morale checks.

Tier 2

  • Guidance (P; 2 ranks) — +3 morale to allies within a 2-hex radius if you down an enemy; gives +2 additional morale if upgraded.
  • Inspire (A) — Restore an action point for a single ally within an 8-hex radius.

Tier 3

  • Ruse (A) — Target a circular AoE within 8-hexes, causing enemies to move. Useful when forcing opponents to leave cover or trigger attacks of opportunity.
  • Orator (P; requires Inspire) — Inspire resets your ally’s cooldowns as well.

Tier 4

  • Embarrassing Ruse (P; 2 ranks; requires Ruse) — Ruse also causes -10/20 morale.
  • Rousing Speech (A; 2 ranks) — Restores +25 HP to all allies within a 6-hex radius; the ability gains +2 charges if upgraded.

Triarius Destroyer Class Skills

Tier 1

  • Deathblow (A; 2 ranks) — +50% damage versus a target that’s stunned, stuck, knocked down, or sundered; doubles the damage if upgraded.
  • Fortune Favored (P; 2 ranks) — +5/10 critical chance.

Tier 2

  • Shredder (A) — +1 armor shred.
  • Quick Lunge (P) — Damages and cripples a target (i.e., -50% movement).

Tier 3

  • Reckless (A; 2 ranks) — +50% base damage and +1 armor shred; base damage is doubled if upgraded.
  • Quick Feet (P) — You no longer trigger attacks of opportunity when you move around enemies; only when disengaging.

Tier 4

  • Sunder (A) — Deals damage and +2 armor shred; sets the target’s shield strength to zero.
  • Finisher (P; 2 ranks) — Attacking an enemy that’s stunned, stuck, or knocked down restores +10/20% HP. If an attack kills an enemy, an action point is refunded and the cooldown of Deathblow is reset.

Best Skills for the Triarius Class in Expeditions: Rome

We found that the best skills for the Triarius class in Expeditions: Rome include the following:


Generally speaking, most of the restorative and reviving abilities here are very helpful, especially if you’re playing on higher difficulties. Logistics, though, is one of the better options out there since other classes will want to have more movement points.


War Horn, like Logistics, is another amazing Tier 1 skill, and it’s got a wide AoE, too. Next, you’ve got Inspire and Orator, which are unbelievably crucial if you need allies to continue striking foes and chaining kills. Lastly, Rousing Speech is just icing on the cake due to the massive healing AoE.


As mentioned earlier, one utility function that Triarii have is that staves and pikes shred armor. This is useful if you’re up against bosses or elites (those with laurel leaves on their class icons), as they tend to be heavily bolstered.

The Shredder and Reckless skills, which increase the armor shred value, help in this regard. Unfortunately, this tree doesn’t really provide a lot of bang for your buck compared to Flagbearer.

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