Expeditions: Rome — How to Find Unique Items in Act 1 and Act 2

You can collect more unique items as loot in Expeditions: Rome. This guide tells you where to find them in Act and Act 2.

You can collect more unique items as loot in Expeditions: Rome. This guide tells you where to find them in Act and Act 2.

Apart from companion armor pieces, you’ll find more unique items in Expeditions: Rome just by exploring, and some of these can truly make a build excel. If you’re wondering how to find the unique items in Act 1 and Act 2, wonder no more.

Below, we’ve listed several examples of amazing gear pieces that we’ve found in Act 1 and Act 2. Due to affixes and possible upgrades, we’ll just mention the perks that these gear pieces have. Likewise, keep our Expeditions: Rome unique items guide bookmarked since we’ll continue updating it as we discover additional equipment.

Unique Armor, Weapons, and Accessories in Expeditions: Rome

All unique items have special perks and skills that make them more useful in certain situations with certain classes. For more details about the abilities that they confer, you can visit our weapon skills guide.

Archelaus’ Sword

  • Location: Mytilene (Garrison)  Archelaus’ Sword is obtained after defeating Archelaus in battle. Although there’s an optional objective to kill him, simply winning the fight by causing enemies to flee still nets you this reward.
  • Perk: All slashing damage causes your target to bleed.
  • Skill: Gouge and Slash.



  • Location: Mysia (Beach Village)  When you do your first Pacification mission in the Beach Village, look for a chest on a rooftop. It has the Sickle Blade. Go to Mysia and talk to a merchant named Boethus about the Sickle Blade. He’ll give you the blueprint for the Harpe so you can craft it.
  • Perk: Attack of opportunity can be triggered twice.
  • Skills: Lunge and Overpower.


Eurytus’ Bow

  • Location: Mysia (Temple of Apollon)  You’ll find a pickaxe next to the ladder that leads to the burning temple. Go to the opposite side where you’ll see a cracked stone floor. Create an opening with the pickaxe and climb down to find the Eurytus’ Bow. You can learn more in our Temple of Apollon guide.
  • Perk: The Interrupt skill does not end as long as you land killing blows. This is an amazing weapon for the Sagittarius class focusing on the Marksman tree.
  • Skills: Aimed Shot and Barbed Arrow.


Eritha’s Medallion

  • Location: Mysia (Temple of Apollon)  Eritha’s Medallion is related to the main quest involving Theophilus and Zenobia. You can learn more in our Temple of Apollon guide.
  • Perk: +10% of max HP restored every round up to 10 times per encounter.


Rod of Asclepius

  • Location: Mysia (Mountaintop Ruins)  The Rod of Asclepius is inside a chest along the outer wall.
  • Perk: Restore 10% of the max HP of a random ally whenever you kill an enemy.
  • Skills: Broad Swing, Heavy Blow, and Reach.


Damianos’ Pike

  • Location: Ainos (Gladiator School)  Damianos’ Pike is obtained after defeating Damianos.
  • Perk: Grants the ready status effect if you end your turn while adjacent to a character wielding a shield.
  • Skill: Extend, Push and Shove, and Shielded Thrust.



  • Location: Troas (Fishing Village) and Mytilene (Lucullus’ War Camp) — In the Fishing Village, you’ll find a woman who’s selling a special bottle of wine for 2,000 denarii. If you picked the Logos rhetorical style, you can lower the cost to 1,300 denarii. Once you’ve purchased the item, you’ll start the Blood of Jupiter sidequest. Just bring this as a gift to Lucullus in his camp and have a drink. Then, a bit later in Act 1, you can revisit Lucullus’ War Camp to find a chest. Inside, you can pick up the Aegis blueprint, the unique material, and a letter.
  • Perk: 50% chance to blind an attacker that hits you in melee.
  • Skill: Shield Push


Occam’s Razor

  • Location: Troas (Fishing Village)  Occam’s Razor is found inside a locked gambling den. There’s an NPC outside, and you can either convince them to step away or kill them. If you do the latter, you can pick up a key. Defeat the foes inside and loot this unique weapon.
  • Perk: +50% damage to flanked enemies.
  • Skill: Stab, Stab, and, yes, Stab again.


Traitor’s Mail

  • Location: Mytilene (Garrison)  Traitor’s Mail is obtained after eliminating Cassius as part of the Whack The Mole quest.
  • Perk: Dodge the first ranged reaction shot against you every turn (i.e., Overwatch or Interrupt).


Crocea Mors

  • Location: Rome  Talk to Aurelia during the party where you’re introduced to senators to receive the Crocea Mors blueprint.
  • Perk: Every hit applies the assayed status effect, guaranteeing that the next attack on the same turn is a critical hit that can’t be resisted.
  • Skills: Defensive Strike, Slash, and Sword Lunge. There are also two open slots for random skill rolls once this unique weapon is crafted.


Queen’s Warden

  • Location: Apollonia (Garrison)  Queen’s Warden is automatically given to you by Cleopatra after rescuing her.
  • Perk: The first attack in each encounter that drops your health to zero will bring you to 1 HP instead.


Scipio Africanus’ Helmet

  • Location: Court of Heaven  There’s a junk dealer in the marketplace who will sell Scipio Africanus’ Helmet for 1,000 denarii, not knowing its true value.
  • Perk: If you end your turn with an attack action remaining, you’ll start your next turn with +2 attack actions.


Furry Medallion

  • Location: Court of Heaven  You’ll find a man named Aksil in the marketplace. He asks more about the afterlife, and you can indulge his curiosity. This starts a sidequest called Afterlife Travel Guide where you’ll meet the spirit of a giant cat. Off to the side of this chamber, you’ll see a jar with the Furry Medallion. Lastly, if you’re about to leave, choose the red door. Otherwise, it’ll lead to a game over.
  • Perk: Animals will be drawn to you, following you instead of fleeing.


Warmaksan’s Staff

  • Location: Court of Heaven (Burial Site)  Defeat the troops that ambush you during the ceremony. Eliminate their leader, Warmaksan, as well, to receive Warmaksan’s Staff.
  • Perk: Each hit has a 20% chance to knock down a target.
  • Skills: Shove, Heavy Blow, Broad Swing, Spin Attack, and Whirlwind. The last three that we listed will hit multiple targets, further proccing the perk.

These are just some of the unique weapons and armors that you’ll find in Expeditions: Rome during Act 1 and Act 2. We’ll continue updating this guide, so stay tuned. Likewise, don’t forget to check out how you can acquire unique companion armors.

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