Expeditions: Rome Legion Pacification Missions Guide

Here's how to pacify a sector in Expeditions: Rome to reap the benefits.

Here's how to pacify a sector in Expeditions: Rome to reap the benefits.

Sometimes you need to go the extra mile after defeating an enemy army in Expeditions: Rome and complete Pacification missions to give you full control over the sector.

In this Expeditions: Rome guide, we’ll go over what Pacification missions are and how to use them to your benefit.

Since there are a lot of mechanics to discuss when it comes to Legions in Expeditions: Rome, we suggest you also take a look at our other guides regarding Praetorian/Centurion recruitment and perksOutpost buildings and upgrades, and Conquests and Strategems.

For this particular Expeditions: Rome guide, we’ll look at Legion Pacification missions. These can be triggered once you’ve trounced a hostile army that’s holding a sector’s main settlement.

Orestes and Recruiting Praetorian Guard

The first example is guaranteed to occur once you have control of Mysia, as it serves as a tutorial to the mechanic. Simply go to Mysia since that’s where your legion is garrisoned and talk to an NPC named Orestes (he’s outside the commander’s tent).

Orestes will tell you to recruit three soldiers for your Praetorian Guard. This means is that you need to check the Barracks and hire three generic characters as Praetorians. You can have up to eight, but each recruit costs denarii.

Pacification: Beach Village

Head back to the world map to find a small Pacify Region landmark southeast of Mysia. This starts the Beach Village Pacification mission in Expeditions: Rome.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose any unique companion to lead the squad.
  • Fill the rest of the squad with generic recruits (up to five). You’re not allowed to bring the main character or other unique companions.
  • Make sure that your recruits complement each other based on their classes. You can refer to our class guides for the Princeps, Veles, Sagittarius, and Triarius for more info about the best skills.

When you start the Beach Village encounter, you’ll notice that eight legionarii are tied up. You can free them by moving a character adjacent to their spot. However, this risky.

The mission requires you to ensure that four legionarii survive. Because they’ll be controlled by the AI, they might make reckless and downright stupid moves. As such, we suggest that you eliminate several hostiles first before freeing some of the prisoners. Don’t worry since the AI won’t attack them while they’re still tied up.

Once the objective has been completed, the legionarii will run away. You can then loot the crates and corpses here. Be on the lookout for a container on one of the rooftops. It has the Sickle Blade, a material that lets you craft a unique weapon called the Harpe

Other Pacification Missions in Expeditions: Rome

Pacification: Beach Village is just the first of its kind that you’ll experience. Here are other examples of Pacification missions that you might encounter during the Expeditions: Rome campaign as you take over other sectors:

  • Forest Caravan: Grab torches from braziers and campfires, then toss them at carts. The carts will burn before exploding. You may also use weapon abilities that cause the burning effect, such as Fire Arrows.
  • Mountainside Camp: The objective is similar, but you’ll need to burn and destroy crates that are further away and somewhat hidden behind obstacles.
  • Mountain Village: Defeat all hostiles while villagers suffering from a plague are running around. Don’t get too close to the villagers or your characters might get infected. They’d require treatment from someone with the Physician perk.
  • Cavern: Kill two bandit leaders named Bios and Kleon. One side of the map has a bunch of Sagittarii, and the other has several Velites.

Enemies On the Move and Sector Conquered

Once you complete a Pacification mission in Expeditions: Rome, the “Sector Conquered” message will appear on your screen. You should now be able to direct your legion to capture infrastructure and landmarks to earn resources and outpost upgrades.

Consequently, the hostile faction might decide to send another army, too. This will trigger the “Enemies on the Move” random event. You can send a companion or pay denarii to weaken the hostiles before a Legion battle commences.

Likewise, there are a few tidbits to consider:

  • There are cases when capturing the main settlement will automatically hand over the region without the need for a Pacification mission.
  • If your army tries to attack another region without completing the Pacification mission, the hostile faction will retake the region that you previously occupied.

And that’s what you need to know about Pacification missions in Expeditions: Rome. For more tips, head over to our guides hub.

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