Expeditions: Rome — Unique Companion Armors Guide

Turn the old armors of your companions into unique variants in Expeditions: Rome.

Turn the old armors of your companions into unique variants in Expeditions: Rome.
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There are many items that you can acquire in Expeditions: Rome. However, a select few are quite exceptional. These unique items have many benefits, from refunding Focus to grating certain status effects. While some of these unique items can be picked up as loot, some come from companion armors.

This Expeditions: Rome guide is here to help you obtain unique armors for your companions in Expeditions: Rome. Due to affixes and possible upgrades, we’ll just mention the perks that these gear pieces have.

How to Get Unique Armors for Companions in Expeditions: Rome

A sure-fire way to obtain unique armors in Expeditions: Rome is by dismantling the default armor pieces worn by your characters. When you do, you’ll learn the crafting recipe for the unique variant. However, there are a few caveats to keep in mind.

You’ll be told of this mechanic once you’ve unlocked the Armory. We’ve got more details that you can check out in our crafting guide.

The blacksmith, Sextus, will then move to your garrison instead of staying in Mytilene. Sextus also wants you to dismantle Julia Calida’s default armor so you can craft the unique version. Keep this in mind and don’t dismantle default armor pieces too early, at least not until Sextus moves to your garrison.

Once you’ve done the above, you’ll be able to dismantle the old armor pieces worn by Caeso, Syneros, Bestia, and Calida. Strangely enough, we didn’t receive a blueprint after dismantling Deianeira’s armor. In any case, as with regular items that you’ve crafted, you’ll see the armors inside a container next to Sextus once the process has been completed. Here’s the unique item you can get for each:

  • Julia: Scout Hamata: Whenever you use a weapon skill that has charges, it has a 50% chance to be refunded.
  • Julia: Scout Hood: Grants the low profile status if you don’t kill an enemy in a turn.
  • Caeso: Princeps Musculata: Grants the indomitable status which prevents morale loss.
  • Caeso: Princeps Galea: Taunt a random enemy when you inflict a critical hit, forcing them to attack you on their next turn.
  • Syneros: Servus Toga: Using a bandage does not trigger enemy attacks of opportunity.
  • Bestia: Gladiator Plumata: If your attack kills a target, half of the Focus you spent is refunded.

This is how you can obtain unique armors for your companions in Expeditions: Rome. Still, there are a lot of gear pieces to find as you progress further. You can take a look at our guide regarding the unique items in Act 1 and Act 2 for more.

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