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Fae Farm: Animal Breeding Guide

You'll want all the tips and tricks to ensure a successful breeding.

As a farming RPG, Fae Farm has plenty of activities to keep you busy on the Homestead. You’ll be caring for animals and have the opportunity to breed them into unique colors. There are a few steps you need to follow to be successful, and it can be tricky to figure out. Here’s how to breed animals in Fae Farm.

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How to Breed Animals in Fae Farm

To breed animals in Fae Farm, you’ll need to acquire animals from Patel or Earline. Earline sells Chickoo and Cottontails for 200 Florins each, which can be registered at your starter Animal Coop.

Once you’ve unlocked your first spell, you can clear the fog in the upper level of your farm to unlock your Barn. Your Barn will house the Mamoos and Woolyhorn that Jeremiah sells for 300 Florins each. Use the links to jump to each section below:

Breeding Animals in Fae Farm: Step-by-Step

  • Purchase an animal and register it at your Coop or Barn.
  • Access the building’s registry and select “Follow me” on the animal you want to breed.
  • Bring the animal to Patel or Earline.
    • Patel: Mamoo and Woolyhorn
    • Earline: Chickoo and Cottontail
  • Select “Animal Breeding Services.”
  • Select “Animal Breeding.”
  • Apply a Breeding Charm if you want to use one.
  • Confirm breeding your animal.
  • Wait a few days and return.
    • The game will notify you when your animal is ready.

Animal Happiness Detailed

Your animals’ happiness is key to breeding success, and keeping my animals happy is a daily routine on my Homestead.

  • Check your animal’s mood by approaching them.
  • Your animals are affected by a few actions: Food, Petting, Brushing, and Fresh Air.
  • You’ll want to fulfill those requests to increase their mood to at least “Content” to increase your odds of breeding success.
  • Additionally, you can purchase a Heart Pillow Charm from Patel or Loretta to increase their mood.

How to Breed Hybrid Color Animals

Breeding Hybrid Color animals in Fae Farm requires some extra materials and Florin. Purchase a colored Charm from Patel or Loretta to breed them into special colors. Some of the charm resources aren’t available until you progress in the main story questline. Here are all breeding items and the materials required to purchase them.

  • Heart Pillow Charm
    • Silk, 250 Florin.
    • Increases happiness and breeding success odds.
  • Black Charm
    • Polished Obsidian, 250 Florin.
  • White Charm
    • Polished Diamond, 250 Florin.
  • Brown Charm
    • Polished Topaz, 250 Florin.
  • Yellow Charm
    • Polished Citrine, 250 Florin.
  • Tan Charm
    • Copper Ingot, 250 Florin.
  • Grey Charm
    • Silver Ingot, 250 Florin.
  • Orange Charm
    • Polished Topaz, 250 Florin.

That’s all there is to know about breeding animals in Fae Farm. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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