Fae Farm: How to Complete ‘A Frozen Friend’

Here's how to complete Grell's quest.

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Fae Farm will introduce you to a few Sprites that need your assistance. Once you’ve made your way to the Mountain region, you’ll meet Grell who will give you a new quest. Here you’ll find our complete guide on how to complete Grell’s ‘A Frozen Friend’ quest in Fae Farm.

How to Complete ‘A Frozen Friend’ in Fae Farm

Once you’ve completed the Fae Realm quests, you’ll be sent off on a new adventure to the snowcapped Mountain region. However, the Mountains are treacherous and cold, plagued by a snowstorm that makes it difficult to navigate. You’ll meet Grell at the heart of the blizzard, and learn that Grell is the source of the blizzard. Much like the other Sprites, Grell wants a tasty meal to iradicate the problem. Here are the ingredients Grell needs you to gather and how to find them.

  • x3 Polished Sapphire
  • x5 Berry Jam
    • x1 Berry Jam is crafted from x30 Mixed Berries at the Artisan Table. x1 Mixed Berries are crafted from x1 Berries at the Food Prep Table. You’ll need to harvest x150 Berries, so it might take you a few days to do this one.
  • x5 Frost Beet
  •  x30 Chopped Vegetables
    • x2 Chopped Vegetables is crafted from x1 Cauliflower at the Food Prep Table. You’ll need to plant x15 Cauliflower.
  •  x10 Flutter Dust
    • x1 Flutter Dust is crafted from x1 Butterfly or Moth at the Lowlands Critter Conservatory. You’ll need x10 total Butterfly or Moth.

If you’re eager to finish a quest like I am, you can use Zippy Fertilizer (35 Florin) from Holly’s Seed Shop to advance the growth of your Cauliflower by 1 day, with a chance to advance it again each night. I managed to obtain all necessary Cauliflower within 4 days by using it. Once you’ve gathered everything, you’ll need to bring the ingredients to the platform in front of Grell, much like the previous Sprite quests. You’ll be asked to return to Grell the following day to finally dispel the blizzard in the mountains, and the ‘A Frozen Friend’ quest will be completed.

That’s all there is to know about completing the ‘A Frozen Friend’ quest in Fae Farm. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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