Fae Farm: Floating Ruins Mines Guide

Find all resources, seals, and enemies for the Fae Farm Floating Ruins here.

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Fae Farm has plenty of magical twists and turns, full of amazing and wonderful places. You’ll discover dungeons that go beyond the ordinary, full of resources and unique creatures. One such place can be found after completing the Saltwater Mines. This is our complete guide on the Floating Ruins in Fae Farm, including levels, seals, and resources.

Fae Farm Floating Ruins Mines Guide

How to Unlock the Floating Ruins

To unlock the Floating Ruins, you must progress to chapter five of the Fae Farm main questline.  You’ll help Wisp Mother unlock the mysterious portal from Azoria to the Fae Realm first. Then, you’ll meet Zido, the portal guard, and Balarandi, a potion merchant.

Balarandi will send you on a quest to build potion-making tools because you’ll need to craft Fairbreath Potions (x2 Steel Cut Clover, x1 Blob Glob) to gain resistance to the poisonous Miasma fog to finally enter the Floating Ruins Mines.

Floating Ruins Seals

If you’ve made it to the Floating Ruins, you’ve completed the Saltwater Mines. So you’re familiar with the seals and will recognize the similar teleportation system in the Floating Ruins. However, they operate in a unique way until you have the seals crafted. Until you have seals placed, you’ll need to collect two magical pink orbs from a random drop to open doors, Which I found gets old pretty quickly. Thankfully, we’ve got all of the Seals detailed for you here.

  • Feyrite Seal
    • Floors 1-4 (4 total).
    • Crafting Recipe: x4 Feyrite Ore.
  • Hammered Feyrite Seal
    • Floors 5-8 (4 total).
    • Crafting Recipe: x1 Feyrite Seal, x8 Rough Amethyst.
  • Engraved Feyrite Seal
    • Floors 9-12 (4 total).
    • Crafting Recipe: x1 Feyrite Seal, x8 Rough Rose Quartz.
  • Silver Seal
    • Floors 13-16 & 16 (4 total).
    • Crafting Recipe: x4 Silver Ore.
  • Hammered Silver Seal
    • Floors 17-20 (4 total).
    • Crafting Recipe: x1 Silver Seal, x8 Rough Sapphire.
  • Engraved Silver Seal
    • Floors 21-25 (5 total).
    • Crafting Recipe: x1 Silver Seal, x8 Rough Emerald.

Floating Ruins Resources

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Just like the Saltwater Mines, the Floating Ruins is full of resources you’ll want to collect. The gemstones and resources in this dungeon are more advanced, so you’ll gain access to better recipes and weapon upgrades. Here’s where to find all Floating Ruins resources.

  • Stone
    • Floors 1-24
  • Coal
    • Floors 1-24
  • Shade Jelly
    • Floors 1-24
  • Sporewood Trees
    • Floors 1-24
  • Feyrite Ore
    • Floors 1-13
  • Rough Amethyst
    • Floors 4-11
  • Sporeweed
    • Floors 5-24
  • Rough Rose Quartz
    • Floors 9-15
  • Silver Ore
    • Floors 10-24
  • Rough Sapphire
    • Floors 15-21
  • Rough Emerald
    • Floors 21-24

Floating Ruins Enemies

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The Floating Ruins is full of unique enemies, and you’ll encounter them quickly. However, since you’ve got a potion station now, I recommend you craft some health potions and invisibility potions to make your resource collecting a breeze. Here are all of the Floating Ruins enemies detailed.

  • Snapper
    • Type: Book.
    • Attack Pattern: Charge if you approach, will launch you in the air if you step on one.
  • Tokker
    • Type: Clock.
    • Attack Pattern: Charge if you approach, will perform a radial four-quarter attack that strikes x4. 
  • Dyer
    • Type: Lyre.
    • Attack Pattern: Fires a projectile in a straight line.
  • Eutats
    • Type: Statue.
    • Attack Pattern: Approaches and then hovers above a circular AOE, drops down to deal damage once the timed attack meter expires.
  • Skello
    • Type: Cello.
    • Attack Pattern: Triangular AOE attack once the timed attack meter expires.

That’s our Fae Farm Floating Ruins guide, which collects everything you need to know about the location in one place. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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