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Fae Farm: Where to Find Mysterious Portal Location

Here's where to find the Mysterious Portal for the Wisp Mother Taking Flight Quest.

Fae Farm is magical by default, but you’ll have to complete some steps to unlock the truly enchanting Fae Realm. After starting your Taking Flight quest journey with Wisp Mother, you’ll need to locate a Mysterious Portal. Here’s where to find the Mysterious Portal location in Fae Farm.

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Where to Find Mysterious Portal Location in Fae Farm

To find the Fae Farm Mysterious Portal location is to go on a wild-goose chase throughout Azoria. Wisp Mother doesn’t provide any hints, and the island of Azoria is large enough for the quest objective to feel like a chore quickly. I found the Mysterious Portal located in the Spooky Forest. You’ll find it at the North end of the wooded region of Spooky Forest. To reach it, you’ll need to utilize your new fairy wings to jump across the gap.

Now that you’ve found the Mysterious Portal location, you’ll have to report back to Wisp Mother. She’ll have the gateway ready for you to enter the following day. You’ll notice there’s a new mysterious Miasma fog that plagues the Spooky Forest. Eventually, you’ll learn more about it in the following quest, so don’t worry there.

  • For your first time in Fae Realm, it would be best to have an empty inventory. There are plenty of new and exciting things to collect and discover. 

I recommend that you upgrade your Critter Net, Pickaxe, and Axe so you can harvest everything that the Fae Realm has to offer. Your new main questline in the Fae Realm will require you to collect a variety of things. Hence the stronger tools. Once you’ve completed the subsequent quest, you’ll gain access to a new dungeon with new ore. So it’s definitely worth pursuing the questline.

That’s where to find the Mysterious Portal for the Taking Flight quest in Fae Farm. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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