Fae Farm: How to Craft

Here's all you need to know about crafting in Fae Farm.

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Fae Farm, like many farming RPGs, features its very own crafting system. Knowing how to craft is essential to make your new Azorian home flourish, and its unique crafting system might not feel intuitive from the get-go, but we’ve got you covered. Here’s our complete guide on how to craft in Fae Farm.

How to Craft in Fae Farm

There are two locations where you can access crafting in Fae Farm — your Homestead’s field and the interior of your Homestead. As you’d suspect, you’ll need to acquire resources to fulfill the crafting recipe’s requirements. Here’s how to craft.

  • Head to your Homestead’s field or the interior of your Homestead.
  • Press the appropriate button shown at the bottom of your screen: C on PC, or down on the D-pad.
  • Press the button again to access the construction catalog.
  • Select your choice of item from the catalog on the left.
  • Scroll through the catalog with L/R on Switch or R/T on PC.
  • Select the item with A on Switch or LMB on PC.
  • Place the item.
  • Confirm it with the select button.

How to Get Crafting Recipes in Fae Farm

Crafting recipes can be obtained in a few ways, some more easily than others. Here’s how to get new crafting recipes:

  • Find Recipe Scrolls.
    • These procedurally generate throughout Azoria every day.
  • Discover new resources.
    • Discovering new materials from foraging and mining will unlock new recipes
  • Level up your skills.
    • Leveling up your abilities like fishing and mining will unlock new crating recipes.
  • Complete quests and progress in the story.
    • By completing side and main quests you’ll unlock new recipes.
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All Crafting Stations in Fae Farm

You’ll discover there are tons of exciting crafting stations to create unique items. Here are all of the unlockable crafting stations in Fae Farm.

  • Cooking Fire: Cooks one ingredient at a time into basic food items.
  • Beverage Station: Crafts drinks that combat debuff weather conditions.
  • Potion Ingredients Station: Transforms resources into potion ingredients.
  • Potion Brewing Cauldron: Crafts potions from ingredients.
  • Food Prep Table: Turns foraged items, animal products, and crops into prepared meals for advanced recipes.
  • Cooking Hearth: Provides advanced cooking recipes, some with buffs.
  • Artisan Table: Turns foraged items, animal products, and crops into valuable resources.
  • Seal Crafting Station: Crafts seals to unlock Wayshrines in the Dungeons and across Azoria.
  • Stone Forge: Turns mined resources into Ingots.
  • Lumber Station: Turns wood resources into Planks.
  • Animal Lure: Attracts your animals to the Lure’s placed position.
  • Lowlands Critter Conservatory: Turns caught critters from the initial area into useful resources.
  • Fae Critter Conservatory: Turns caught critters from the Fae Lands into useful resources.
  • Mountain Critter Conservatory: Turns caught critters from the mountain region into useful resources.
  • Garden Bench: Turns crops into seeds and crafts fertilizer.
  • Loom: Turns foraged items and animal products into useful resources.
  • Decorating Table: Crafts decorative items for your house, such as flooring.
  • Gem Polisher: Increases the value of mined gems.
  • Honey Hive: Turns caught bees into honey.
  • Propagation Hive: Turns caught bees into tree saplings.

Well, that’s all there is to know about how to craft in Fae Farm. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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