Fallout 76: Best Places to Farm Radstags

Radstags are easy to kill in Fallout 76, as long as you can find them.

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Sometimes the dailies in Fallout 76 have you hunting down mutated two headed deer known as Radstags. While you can wander the wasteland trying to find them, you can just head to these best places to farm radstags in FO76.

Best Places to Farm Radstags in Fallout 76

There are a number of reasons that you’d want to find a herd of Radstags. You want the meat to cook with, the hide for leather, need to shoot it with the Vox Syringer, or killing a certain number is one of your challenges. Knowing where to find them makes the hunt much easier. Thankfully, herds often reliably spawn in set locations.

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  • Skullbone Vantage: Head north of the map icon to find a herd containing four Albino Radstags.
  • Seneca Rocks Visitor Center: Go southwest from where you load into the area. There are at least eight Radstags to be found along the cliffside, including albino variants. When I went here there was a mix of Glowing Radstag, Radstag Yearling, and albino Radstag.
  • Thomas Farm: This location is found east of Dent & Sons Construction on the map.
  • Whitespring Resort: If you head to the pond behind the house located near the resort you’ll find at least three deer.
  • Crater: Three can be hunted northwest of the Raider settlement. Sometimes they’ll be more west than north, so you may want to do a sweep of the whole area.
  • Whitespring Golf Club: Go north of the green to find a pair of Radstags hanging out.

Along with the living Radstag, you can find dead deer hanging throughout Appalachia. These can be found at Blood Eagle camps, hunting camps, and other settlements. If you’re just looking for the meat or hide, these will be able to provide you with those resources.

That’s it for the best places to farm Radstags in Fallout 76. If you’re in need of other items, such as flowers, screws, or deathclaw eggs, take a look at our extensive guide section. We also have quest walkthroughs, where to farm other creatures, or where to find cryptids.

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