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Fallout 76: Best Razorgrain Farming Locations

Razorgrain is needed when making food and fermentable alcohol in Fallout 76.

Easily missed while exploring the wasteland of Appalachia, Razorgrain is a consumable used to create multiple dishes and drinks. Due to its grass-like appearance, it’s often overlooked, leading to a potential lack of the resource when you need it, so here are the best Razorgrain farming locations in Fallout 76.

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The Best Places to Farm Razorgrain in Fallout 76

There are a handful of locations where you can find Razorgrain growing in the wild. Most of these are former farms that may have been abandoned or where the land has been reclaimed. Regardless of where you currently are in Appalachia, keep your eyes peeled as you explore, just in case there’s a random patch of it growing. Here are the best locations I recommend:

  • Billings Homestead.
  • Sunday Brothers’ Cabin.
  • Anchor Farm.
  • Cobbleton Farm.
  • Morgantown Airport.
  • Southwest of Big Al’s Tattoo Parlor.

My absolute favorite place to farm Wild Razorgrain is Billings Homestead. It’s a Workshop, so you’ll have to fast-travel to the nearby Silva Homestead unless you claim it. But you get a ton of the material here. Clearing out the whole field nets you over 100 pieces of the plant — double that if you have the Green Thumb Perk card. My most recent haul came up at 218 Razorgrain.

If you’re gathering ingredients for fermentable alcohols, this is the best place to go. You’ll get your Razorgrain at Billings and Corn at Silva. If you place you’re C.A.M.P. nearby, you won’t need to plant these yourself and take up valuable space. Instead, you can focus on brewing all the alcohol your character can enjoy.

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Recipes and Plans Requiring Razorgrain

Razorgrain is one of the most widely used plants when it comes to cooking and making alcohol. It’s necessary for any fermentable recipe from beer to whiskey to Nukashine. It’s also part of a resource item you can place in build mode, as well as the quest item Chally’s Feed.

Food Recipes

  • Blackberry Honey Crisp.
  • Chally’s Feed.
  • Fried Radtoad Legs.
  • Mud Cookie.
  • Pepperoni Roll.
  • Razorgrain Flour.
  • Razorgrain Soup.
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Fermentable Alcohol Recipes

  • Fermentable Ballistic Bock.
  • Fermentable Beer.
  • Fermentable Blackwater Brew.
  • Fermentable Bourbon.
  • Fermentable High Voltage Hefe.
  • Fermentable Hoppy Hunter IPA.
  • Fermentable Liquid Courage.
  • Fermentable New River Red Ale.
  • Fermentable Nukashine.
  • Fermentable Oak Holler Lager.
  • Fermentable Pickaxe Pilsner.
  • Fermentable Vodka.
  • Fermentable Whiskey.

Build Mode Plans

Those are the best farming locations for Razorgrain in Fallout 76, as well as the recipes that require the consumable. For other resource locations, check out our harvesting articles in our guides vault.

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