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Fallout 76: How to Milk a Brahmin

Brahmin milk is a requirement for different recipes in Fallout 76. Here's everything to know about it.

Brahmin are the mutated, double-headed cows of the Fallout franchise that provide meat, dairy, and moos. If you need Brahmin Milk, or have a challenge to finish, this is how to milk a Brahmin and where to find them in Fallout 76.

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How to Milk Brahmin in Fallout 76

Milking a Brahmin is an easy enough task compared to its real-life counterpart. Once you have a brahmin in your sights, simply walk up to it. The “Milk” interaction should pop up once you’re close enough. Select it, and bam: you have a bottle of fresh Brahmin Milk.

If you get close to the creature and nothing happens, try sneaking up to it. Coming up to it from the side while crouching seems to bypass the bug that seems to occur with milking.

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Where to Find Brahmin Locations

When it comes to dairy products, it’s slim pickings in Appalachia. Your only source of milk is from Brahmin, and while a popular farm animal, finding enough to supply endless baking can take some work. Thankfully, there are a few locations where you can always find them.

  • Flatwoods
  • The Wayward
  • Big Bend Tunnel East
  • Big Bend Tunnel West
  • Anchor Farm
  • Foundation
  • Lewis & Sons Farming Supply
  • East of Pleasant Valley Station

When I need milk or want to complete a challenge like the one during the Falllout 76 5th anniversary event, I typically head to Flatwoods. There are four that spawn near the church, and it’s a quick walk to the Wayward, where another three wait in a pen.

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How to Build a Brahmin Ranch

If you want more consistent access to milk with less travel involved, you’ll want to build a Fertilizer Producer at your C.A.M.P. or current workshop. Learned from the Brahmin Pen plan, it will spawn a single cow, as well as a wheelbarrow for all the fertilizer.

How to Get the Brahmin Pen Plan

To get the Brahmin Pen plan, you’ll want to check with the following vendors to see if they have it:

  • Grahm.
  • Free States Vendor at The Whitespring Resort.
  • Shopping Mall Vendor at the Whitespring Resort.
  • Vendor Bot Wallace at Berkeley Springs Station.
  • Watoga Station Vendor Bot.

In addition to getting it through a vendor, check with players to see if they’re selling it. If you don’t want to buy it, you may be able to earn the schematics from:

  • Treasure Map reward.
  • Looting toolbox, large toolbox, tool case, or tool chest containers.
  • Daily Ops if under Level 50.
  • Jackpot Haul claim token exchange after completing Lode Bearing.
  • Claim Workshop reward.
  • Defend Workshop reward.
  • Retake Workshop reward.
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Fertilizer Producer Requirements

Once you have the plan learned, you need:

  • Steel x3
  • Razorgrain x4

The razorgrain used to build the wheelbarrow is the only food you need to provide for your cow, but you’re limited to one brahmin in your C.A.M.P. However, you can have multiple pens at a public workshop. Also, it can be killed by hostiles in the area. If that happens, simply repair the item, and a new brahmin will spawn. Don’t try to slaughter it yourself, though, as you can’t kill your own brahmin to harvest the meat.

Brahmin and the Fallout 76 Fifth Anniversary Event

As part of the game’s 5th birthday celebrations, there are multiple rewards you can earn for completing challenges while wearing the Birthday Suit. One of these is “Gather Milk from Brahmin while wearing the Birthday Suit (0/3)”. The reward for it is the Brahmin Pant Suit apparel item. It features iconic brown cow spots outlined in black-on-white pants and a button-down suit jacket. Rounding out the look is a black collared shirt and brown tie.

That’s all you need to know about how to milk a Brahmin in Fallout 76. With a variety of locations to check for the beasts — as well as having your own as a pet — you can have a consistent supply of milk for all your culinary needs. For other resource how-tos, locations, or quest walkthroughs, mosey on over to our guides vault.

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