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Fallout 76 Guide: What is Inert Flux Used For?

Here's a Fallout 76 guide explaining what Inert Flux is, how to get it, and what to do with it.

If you’ve ever encountered a recently nuked zone in Fallout 76, you may come across Raw Flux. Without knowing what to do with it, you might have noticed that it had disappeared, and you found Inert Flux in its place. Here’s a Fallout 76 guide explaining what Inert Flux is and much more.

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How to Get Inert Flux in Fallout 76

Inert Flux is created by allowing raw Flux (nuked flora) to spoil in your inventory. You can collect Raw Flux by harvesting plants in a recently nuked area called the Blast Zone. In addition, you can tell which variant of raw Flux is the best by looking at its color, which depicts its mutated status.

The table below shows the five types of raw Flux that you can obtain, what plants will turn into them when exposed to a nuke’s radiation, and the plant’s new name.

Raw Flux NameOriginal PlantNew Plant Name
Raw Cobalt FluxBloodleaf
Glowing Resin
Firecracker Berry
Silt Bean
Starlight Creeper
Wild Corn
Wild Mutfruit
Quantum Leaf
Gloam Sap
Bomb Berry
Neutron Pod
Kiloton Creeper
Aftershock Stalk
Wild Fission Fruit
Raw Crimson FluxAster Red
Brain Fungus
Cranberries/Diseased Cranberries
Mothman Eggs
Wild Gourd
Red Hot Bloom
Bright Blight
Enlightened Fungus
Blast Berry
Blast Cap
Ionized Cackleberry
Boom Bloom
Raw Fluorescent FluxGlowing Fungus
Rhododendron Flower
Glowing Mutshoot Fungus
Irradiated Thistle
Raw Violet FluxGiant Pitcher Plant
Ginseng Root
Mutated Fern
Snaptail Reed
Strangler Pod
Wild Razorgrain
Wild Tarberry
Wild Tato Blossom
Irradiated Pitcher Plants
Nuka Root
Flash Fern
Glow Pod
Half-Life Hips
Afterwind Vine
Raw Yellowcake FluxAsh Rose
Wild Blackberry
Bleach Dogwood
Carrot Flower
Soot Flower
Wild Melon Blossom
Rad Rose
Gamma Dogwood
Geiger Blossom
Megaton Melon Blossom

Raw Flux will spoil within 90 minutes and then turn into a consumable called Inert Flux, which provides +5 Disease Resistance and will fill your thirst meter by 25%. When this conversion happens, the game automatically removes the Raw Flux from your inventory and adds the appropriate Inert Flux.

What Perks Work with Inert Flux in Fallout 76?

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You can use a couple of Perks to make Inert Flux even more effective. For instance, the Lead Belly perk reduces the radiation you receive when drinking liquids. This perk makes Inert Flux more effective than Purified Water since it adds +5 Disease Resistance. However, the Traveling Pharmacy and Thru-Hiker perks do not reduce Raw Flux’s or Intert Flux’s carry weight.

In addition, you can use the below perks:

  • Good with Salt: Makes food spoil 30% slower.
  • Green Thumb: Obtain double the amount of flora when harvesting.
  • Dromedary: Drinking liquids fill your thirst meter by an additional percentage.
  • Super Duper: When crafting anything, you’ll have a certain percentage chance to achieve double the results.

Can You Sell Inert Flux in Fallout 76?

As of Patch, which Bethesda released in 2019, the base value of Inert Flux was set to 0 Caps. In addition, you can no longer sell it to Vendors. However, Raw Flux is worth 10 Caps, and Stable Flux is worth 100 Caps, both of which can be sold to vendors and other players.

How to Create Stable Flux in Fallout 76

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To create Stable Flux, you must use a CHemistry Station. This ability is unlocked by default, meaning you won’t need to search for a recipe.

Here are the materials you need to turn any Raw Flux into Stable Flux:

  • Glowing Mass x1.
  • Hardened Mass x1.
  • High-Radiation Fluids x1.
  • Any Raw Flux Variant x10.

Raw Flux will spoil within 90 minutes, meaning you must turn it into Stable Flux before this happens. Otherwise, you will end up with Inert Flux.

Now that you’ve used our Fallout 76 guide on what Inert Flux is, how to get it, and what to do with it, you’ll never be dehydrated again. Check out our Fallout 76 hub for more guides like Grahm’s Meat Cook 2024 Event Guide so you don’t miss out on tasty rewards.

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