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Fallout 76: Grahm’s Meat Cook 2024 Event Guide

Here's a Grahm's Meat Cook 2024 event guide for Fallout 76 so you know how to earn those tasty meat-themed rewards!

In Fallout 76, there are plenty of fun and quirky events to participate in. The latest event, Grahm’s Meat Cook, will have you hosting a BBQ to impress the residents of Appalachia. Doing so can earn meat-themed rewards, such as Slab of Meat plushies or the Weenie Wagon 3-in-1 meat grinder. The Grahm’s Meat-Cook 2024 event in Fallout 76 will take place from Noon Eastern on May 21 to Noon Eastern on June 4, 2024, giving you ample time to get prepared. Check out the ultimate Grahm’s Meat Cook 2024 event guide for Fallout 76 to know how to earn those tasty rewards before time runs out.

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Where is Grahm’s Cookout in Fallout 76? 

Once you have collected Prime Meat by completing Primal Cuts events, you must locate Grahm to begin his Meat Cook event. You will find him northwest of Moonshiner’s shack, which is just south of Vault 76. Grahm will appear as a public event at the top of every hour for the duration of the event. If you can’t find this location, look on your map for the box on the bottom left-hand side that will display all world events. You can click on this event to fast-travel to it.

How to Help Grahm Throw a Successful Cookout in Fallout 76

Giving Grahm primal meat during his cookout in Fallout 76.
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Once you’ve located Grahm’s Cookout in Fallout 76, you must complete tasks to fill a meter displayed in the top right corner of your UI. This meter has three objective points that determine your performance during the cookout event. The more you fill the meter, the better the rewards you will earn at the end of the event.

Here are the Tasks you must complete during Grahms Meat Cook event: 

  • Clean Up the Area
  • Collect Critter Chunks
  • Collect Greens
  • Donate to Chally’s Feed
  • Donate Five Wood Scraps
  • Extinguish Brush Fires
  • Play the Drums
  • Turn the Meat Spits

One strategic tip to remember is that you can turn the meat spits and play the drums during the ‘wait for the cookout to begin’ stage, and it will fill the event meter despite the progress bar not reflecting it. This trick is a fantastic opportunity to get a head start and fill the event meter before it begins.

Understanding the impact of each task on filling the event meter is crucial for maximizing your performance. Each task adds a specific numerical value to the event bar. Once you have completed a task, an animation of Grahm grilling will appear on your screen. 

Here’s how each task will progress the event meter when completed:

  • Donate to Chally’s Feed: +2%, 30-second Cooldown
  • Collect Greens: 1.60% per Green, No Cooldown
  • Collect Critter Chunks: 1.60% per Critter Chunk, No Cooldown
  • Donate Five Wood Scraps: +0.32% per stack of five, 30-second Cooldown
  • Turn the Meat Spits: +0.08% for each meat spit turn
  • Play the Drums: +0.08% per instrument played

I have discovered that completing the Collect Critter Chunks task is the most time-effective way to fill your event meter. This method is the best because you can target critters using VATS, and they will consistently drop chunks, making it one of the quickest tasks to complete. In fact, collecting ten Critter Chunks will add 16% progress to the event meter. On the other hand, the Donating to Chally’s Feed and Donating Five Wood Scraps tasks are the least practical due to their 30-second cooldown.

Grahm’s Meat Cook Event Rewards

Slab of Meat Plushies reward for completing Grahm's Meat Cook 2024 event in Fallout 76.
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To complete Grahm’s Meat Cook, you must have reached the first or second objective point on the event meter by the time the event ends or complete the event by filling the meter. When you earn the first objective point, Grahm will give you a rating of Bad Performance, Good Performance for the second objective point, and Best Performance for filling the meter. 

The table below shows the rewards you can earn based on Grahm’s rating for how much of the event meter you filled by completing tasks.

Bad Performance RewardsGood Performance RewardsBest Performance Rewards
300 Experience300 Experience500 Experience
40 Caps40 Caps60 Caps
3 Treasury Notes3 Treasury Notes3 Treasury Notes
1 Beer or Alcohol1 to 2 Legendary Core1 to 3 Legendary Core
1 Cooked Meat1 Stimpak1 Stimpak
Plan: Beer Steins Display Case (if you haven’t learned it already)
Plan: Meat Week Souvenir Beer Stein (if you have learned the display case plan)
1 Beer or Alcohol1 Beer or Alcohol
1 Meat Week Item (34% chance to earn)1 Cooked Meat1 Cooked Meat
1 Meat CleaverPlan: Beer Steins Display Case (if you haven’t learned it already)
Plan: Meat Week Souvenir Beer Stein (if you have learned the display case plan)
Plan: Beer Steins Display Case (if you haven’t learned it already)
Plan: Meat Week Souvenir Beer Stein (if you have learned the display case plan)
1 Meat Week Item (67% chance to earn)1 Meat Week Item (100% chance to earn)
2 Meat Cleavers3 Meat Cleavers
1 Tato Salad
1 One Star Legendary Weapon or Armor (Possible chance to earn, not guaranteed)

Now that you know how to complete Grahm’s Meat Cook 2024 event in Fallout 76, you’ll be earning the Best Performance rewards in no time! Check out our Fallout 76 hub for more guides like Where to Find Plastic so you know which junk items to scrap to produce Plastic for one of this week’s timed challenges.

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