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Fallout 76: How to Craft Disease Cure

If you're in need of a Disease Cure in Fallout 76, here's how to make one.

Diseases run rampant throughout Appalachia in Fallout 76. They can confer a variety of debuffs to your character, including draining your hunger meter faster or reducing your damage output. Antibiotics will clear these diseases right up, but they can be pricey or hard to craft. As a replacement, you’ll want to know how to craft Disease Cure, which will do the trick just right.

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How to Craft Disease Cure in Fallout 76

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There’s a recipe for Disease Cure for each region of Appalachia. However, they require different ingredients based on the area, and some require more perks to craft. Meaning there are multiple ways to make the items. You’ll have to find recipes before you can craft the tonics, making some harder to make than others. You’ll also need access to a cooking or chemistry station.

To craft a large amount of Disease Cure, I suggest equipping the Green Thumb Perception perk. It only costs one skill point and provides you with twice the amount of flora when harvesting plants. This is great for those hard-to-find plants, like Thistle or Firecap, that always seem to run out quickly. I typically keep this perk equipped at all times, just because I like to stock up on ingredients for healing items.

Perks that change crafting output are Chemist and Super Duper. Chemist doubles the number of chems you receive while crafting, including Disease Cure. You only need the single Perk card, and it costs one skill point. Super Duper increases the chance you’ll double the final product, regardless of what you’re crafting. To have the best chance, you’ll want to increase the card to Rank 3, which gives you a 30% chance of crafting two items.

The Forest Disease Cure

Disease Cure for The Forest region is the only one that you’ll start with automatically. This recipe doesn’t require any additional perks to craft it.

  • Boiled Water x1
  • Bloodleaf x2
  • Firecap x2
  • Snaptail Reed x2

Ash Heap Disease Cure

To obtain the Ash Heap Disease Cure recipe, you’ll need to win mutated public events, Battle Bot, Breach and Clear, or Lode Baring, all of which have a chance to reward the recipe. You should also complete the quests Personal Matters and Earth Movers, as there’s a chance it can be rewarded there. Along with that, when exploring the Ash Heap region, check all mirrors you come across.

This recipe doesn’t require any additional perks to make. You need to have the Pharmacist Intelligence Perk Rank 3 equipped, which requires three skill points (but you can always revert back to other perks when you’re done crafting). Once you’ve learned the recipe, these are the ingredients you need:

  • Boiled Water x1
  • Blight x2
  • Ash Rose x2
  • Soot Flower x2
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Cranberry Bog Disease Cure

Just like in Ash Heap, you check mirrors for the Cranberry Bog Disease Cure recipe as you explore. It can be rewarded for completing the Novice of Mysteries quest, Ally quests, as well as the Cop a Squatter and The Importance of Communication daily quests. There’s a low chance you could get it for completing the following events:

  • AWOL Armaments
  • Census Violence
  • Distant Thunder
  • Line in the Sand
  • Monster Mash
  • Surface to Air
  • Riding Shotgun
  • Radiation Rumble
  • Mission: Countdown
  • Hunter/Hunted
  • Horde Event (located in Cranberry Bog)

Once you’ve got the items you need, you’ll need to have Pharmacist Rank 3 and Chemist Rank 1 equipped. You’ll need the following ingredients to craft it.

  • Boiled Water x1
  • Cranberries x2
  • Glowing Fungus x2
  • Digested Goo x2

The Mire Disease Cure

Good news! To find the Disease Cure recipe in The Mire, just head to The Retreat. There’s a guaranteed spawn near the pool table across from the porta-potties. You can also get it from completing the daily quests Idle Explosives, Play Time, Queen of the Hunt, and Waste Not. The events Always Vigilant, Heart of the Swamp, Irrational Fear, and It’s a Trap can give the recipe as a reward. Like the other regions so far, it can be found in mirrors — if you’re lucky.

I personally find these items the hardest to track down. When you do have them, however, you’ll need the Pharmacist Rank 3 and Chemist Rank 1 perks equipped.

  • Purified Water x1
  • Glowing Fungus x2
  • Strangler Bloom x2
  • Strangler Pod x2
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Savage Divide Disease Cure

While exploring this region, keep an eye out for the recipe in mirrors, as always. Completing the daily quest, Someone to Talk, has a chance of dropping the Disease Cure (Savage Divide) recipe, as does finishing the following events:

  • Distinguished Guests
  • Guided Meditation
  • One Violent Night
  • The Messenger
  • Uranium Fever

I find the ingredients needed for this version of Disease Cure to be among the easiest to gather. You’ll only have to have Pharmacist Rank 2 equipped to craft this recipe. No other perks are needed.

  • Boiled Water x1
  • Wild Blackberry x2
  • Glowing Resin x2
  • Firecracker Berry x2

Toxic Valley Disease Cure

In the final region, the Disease Cure (Toxic Valley) recipe can be obtained by checking mirrors wherever you go, along with turning in the following daily quests:

  • Retirement Plan
  • Big Game Hunter
  • Buried with Honor
  • Pass the Buck
  • Target Rich Enrionment
  • Thrill of the Grill
  • Vital Equipment

Along with the dailies, you can potentially get the recipe from finishing these events:

  • A Real Blast
  • Bots on Parade
  • Dropped Connection
  • Dogwood Die Off
  • Grafton Day
  • Jail Break
  • Manhunt
  • Patrol Duty
  • Protest March
  • Swarm of Suitors

You’ll also need to have equipped Pharmacist Rank 1 to craft the Savage Divide version of Disease Cure. Recipe in hand, you’ll need to gather the ingredients below before you can concoct the item.

  • Purified Water x1
  • Bloodleaf x2
  • Thistle x2
  • Toxic Soot Flower x2
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That’s how to craft Disease Cure in Fallout 76. Whether you’re looking to complete a challenge, cleanse yourself, or stock your store, it’s handy to have some in your inventory. For more guides on crafting in Fo76, or where to find some of the ingredients listed above, check out our full guide vault for the game.

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