Fallout 76: How to Fix Tax Evasion Glitch

Nothing's worse than being unable to finish Tax Evasion in Fallout 76 due to a glitch. This is how to fix it.

Jeremiah at Whitespring Refuge
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Helping out an unsuspecting patsy in Atlantic City while taking out enemies and earning legendary rewards is exactly what the Tax Evasion Expedition is about. That can all go up in flames if you come across an issue, but this is how to fix the Tax Evasion glitch in Fallout 76.

What is the Tax Evasion Glitch in Fallout 76?

Atlantic City still retains all the glam and glitz of a 1960s casino. Unfortunately, it seems to have retained a glitch that means some players are unable to finish the Expedition. Essentially, the Tax Evasion glitch happens when the NPCs end up naked and can’t be interacted with. As a player, it’s both hilarious but also incredibly frustrating, especially when completing the quests during a time limit means better loot. However, I can confirm that you don’t necessarily have to restart the mission and lose your progress.

Tax Evasion Expedition launch page
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How to Potentially Fix the Tax Evasion Glitch

If you encounter this issue, there are a couple of things you’ll want to try to potentially fix the problem.

  • Exit the Casino and re-enter, which seems to reset the stage for the NPCs.
    • Though this didn’t work for me, doing a little research shows that some players had to do this a couple of times before it worked, which may be worth the time compared to other solutions.
  • Enter the Casino from Quentino’s, another location in the area.
    • This potential fix is the same as re-entering the premises, coming in from another place can take care of the glitch.
  • Leave the world, load back in, and launch the Expedition again.
    • I had to do this when my mission froze up and couldn’t be completed.
    • While this works for some people, my Expedition never re-loaded, so I had to restart (whomp, whomp).
  • Restart the game
    • This is the final solution you can try, as it will take a ton of time. If playing with a team, they can potentially finish everything out if they didn’t run into the glitch and you weren’t the leader.
  • Send in a support ticket

Those are all the potential fixes for the Tax Evasion glitch occurring in Fallout 76. For other errors, quest help, or resource locations, check out our full vault of guides.

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