Fallout 76: How to Get Power Armor Station Plans

Being able to build power armor requires the power armor station plans in Fallout 76.

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Power Armor is the mechanical suit iconic of the Fallout series. While you can pick up sets of armor from around Appalachia in Fallout 76, you need to complete a certain side quest in order to build a station of your own. In this guide we’ll go over how to get the Power Armor Station plans in FO76.

How to Get Power Armor Station Plans in Fallout 76

To get the Power Armor Station Schematics, you’ll need to complete Miner Miracles, which requires you to be level 25 or higher. This side quest revolves around the Excavator Power Armor. To begin, read one of the many flyers posted around the wasteland about the Excavator armor. You can also head straight to Garrahan Mining Headquarters and access the computer there. Read the entry Memo: Excavator Queries to have the full quest register in your Pipboy.

From the main lobby, you’ll need to go downstairs into the R&D wing of the facility. This is when you’ll start encounter turrets and a slew of robot enemies including Major Gutsies. Any weapons you have that are extra effective against them should be equipped before you set off. Go down the stairs and then down another set to your left to go directly to R&D.

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When you’re in the correct wing and have taken care of all robots, you’ll want to go to the Project Manager’s Terminal and download the plans for the Excavator Power Armor. To complete the quest you need to build a full suit of it, but each part doesn’t have to be the same level as the rest. It took me a while to complete the final couple pieces, so my helmet and chest ended up being higher level than my limbs.

How to Make the Excavator Armor

To build the basic level 25 Excavator Power Armor you’ll need:

  • Power Armor Chassis x1
  • Black Titanium x36
  • Gears x30
  • Glass x12
  • Nuclear Material x6
  • Oil x36
  • Rubber x26
  • Screws x60
  • Springs x20
  • Steel x102
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The first time you visit the R&D department there should be a Power Armor Chassis on one of the stations just waiting for you to use it. You can build the Excavator armor there or on any other Power Armor Station, but you’ll need to return to Garrahan Mining Headquarters to finish the quest.

Once built, you want to put on the suit and register it in the computer. When the computer is finished scanning you, Miner Miracles will finish and you’ll be awarded the Power Armor Station schematics. You can learn the plan from your inventory and build it in any outpost or shelter you control.

That’s how to get Power Armor Station plans in Fallout 76. For more on FO76, check out our expansive guide vault. We have quest walkthroughs, item locations, and where to find Minerva ever week.

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