Stingwing flying near Big B's Rest Stop.
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Fallout 76 Stingwing Spawn Locations

Stingwings can be hard to track down unless you go to these locations in Fallout 76.

Stingwings are a venomous, flying insect found in Appalachia. A required component of Insect Repellent, their parts also give Acid. This is all Fallout 76 Stingwing spawn locations.

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While you may think Stingwings are mutated Dragonflies, they are in fact a radiated version of the scorpionfly. This explains their pincer-like tails and ability to poison you. Unlike Bloodbugs that are easy to find throughout The Mire, these guys are harder to track down.

Where to Find Stingwings in Fallout 76 — All Spawn Locations

There are only two locations where Stingwings will always spawn.

  • The pond southeast of Big B’s Rest Stop
  • The white maintenance building near Whitespring Resort
Big Bi's Rest Stop map location.
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Thankfully, there are a few other places you can check and see if any of these flying menaces are around.

  • Bleeding Kate’s Grindhouse
  • Beckwith Farm
  • Old Mold Quarry

I often go to the pond near Big B’s since I’m typically trying to get other insect parts for a daily challenge or am near that location.

How to Kill Stingwings

Stingwings aren’t exactly hard to kill, but they aren’t the easiest to smoosh bugs, either. Their poison causes your vision to go blurry and targeting a flying creature can be difficult. They’re immune to Radiation damage and are weakest to Poison damage.

I prefer to use a long-range weapon before I get close enough to draw aggro. If it’s already moving towards me, I bust out a melee weapon and start swinging away. It saves my ammo and I’ll often land a hit or two before my vision returns to normal.

Stingwing in the Mire.
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Stingwing Loot

Stingwings drop Stingwing Meat and Stingwing Barb. You have to manually scrap the barb when at a workbench, which gives you x1 Acid.

Uses for Stingwing Parts

There are a couple uses for the Stingwing Meat, and only one recipe that requires Stingwing Barb.

  • Insect Repellent
  • Stingwing Filet
  • Stingwing Stew

That’s where to find Stingwings in Fallout 76. For more creature locations, how to take down Cryptids, or where to farm other resources, check out our guide vault.

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