From bringing along extra companions to sneaking like a ninja through cultist compounds, these are the best Far Cry 5 skills to get as soon as possible!

Far Cry 5 Best Perks to Pick Early

From bringing along extra companions to sneaking like a ninja through cultist compounds, these are the best Far Cry 5 skills to get as soon as possible!

Ready to engage in guerrilla warfare across the Montana wilderness? Your lone deputy character in Far Cry 5 will need to unlock new abilities to stay ahead of all those cultist enemies, and this iteration of the franchise includes the skill branches you’d expect — survivalist, assassin, renegade, prepper, and leadership — but with lots of changes to the standard formula.

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Skills have been renamed to perks this time around, and how they are unlocked has undergone a makeover as well. As you might expect, stealth skills tend to be the most useful, but if you want to play as a machine gun-wielding bruiser instead, there’s no reason not to pick those kinds of perks in another playthrough.

Best Far Cry 5 Skills / Perks

Most of the worthwhile Far Cry 5 perks cost somewhere in the 6-8 perk point range, but there’s much less railroading by forcing you down a specific progression path, as many perks can be bought immediately without prerequisites. 

To get points, you can pick up perk magazines found in prepper stashes around the map (or sometimes just sitting on countertops in inconspicuous locations). You can also farm a huge number of perk points quickly just by completing challenges, like catching different types of fish, harvesting skins from different animals, or getting kills with different weapon varieties. 

Some skills are more useful than others. Auto Repair and Locksmith both let you unlock safes found in major locations, which are less useful than you might think since they typically just hide $250 in cash. Locksmith tends to be the more helpful of the two, as areas behind locked doors tend to have more money and perk magazines.

Below we cover all the best perks to get early if you want to dominate in combat through the end of the game.

  • Branch: Leader
  • Cost: 6 Perk points

Hands down one of the most useful skills, Leadership lets you have two companions at a time in single-player mode, which means you are more likely to get revived when you go down, and it’s easier to take on large groups of cultists.

Besides the 6 points, this one has a special prerequisite: You have to unlock three separate specialist companions before it can be bought.

These specialists are located all over Hope County (the sniper specialist is made available by liberating the Lamb Of God Church at the southwest end of the map, for instance). If you want all the animal companions, then completing the three Fangs for Hire quests also qualifies as unlocking three specialist companions.

The Far Cry 5 Perks screen showing Leadership 
Far Cry 5 Leadership Perk

Health Boost
  • Branch: Survivalist
  • Cost: 6 Perk points

This one’s an obvious choice if you find you can’t effectively stealth your way through the game. Some of the missions also force large-scale confrontations without a ton of backup, so having more health is always a plus.

The Far Cry 5 screen for the Health Boost skill
Far Cry 5 Health Boost Perk

Additional Holster
  • Branch: Prepper
  • Cost: 8 Perk points

To be best prepared for any situation, upgrading to the three-weapon holster is the way to go. Not only will you have more ammo on hand to keep fighting, but it lets you switch between sniping, close-range combat with a shotgun, and good mid-range heavy weapons like the assault rifle.

Additional holster perk displayed in FarCry5 
Far Cry 5 Additional Holster Perk

Journey Pack
  • Branch: Prepper
  • Cost: 7 Perk points

Being able to carry more health packs and inventory items makes the game much less of a chore to complete. This perk also works in Arcade mode, so it can make many of the custom maps less difficult.

Screen displaying the Journey Pack Perk in Far Cry 5 
Far Cry 5 Journey Pack Skill

Sneaky Sprint
  • Branch: Assassin
  • Cost: 4 Perk points

This is the quintessential quiet skill that should be bought as early as possible. This one lets you get up close to an enemy faster while staying crouched down, so you are more likely to get in a silent takedown before they turn around and notice you. From attacking compounds to just traversing the wilderness, this skill radically changes your ability to survive if you want to go the stealth route.

Perk selection screen for sneaky sprint in Far Cry 5 
Far Cry 5 Sneaky Sprint Skill

Takedown Mastery
  • Branch: Assassin
  • Cost: 6 Perk points

This one is needed if you plan on taking down strongholds without alerting any guards to get the bonus cash. As an added bonus, it also leads to even more perk points as you complete the various takedown challenges.

A man being hit with a blunt object on the right side of this Far Cry 5 perk selection screen for Takedown mastery 
Far Cry 5 Takedown Mastery Perk

  • Branch: Assassin
  • Cost: 7 Perk points

An upgraded version of Sneaky Sprint, Ghost is perfect combined with Takedown Mastery. Guards will notice you less often, and as a bonus, you won’t take much falling damage if you aren’t able to deploy the parachute or wingsuit.

Ghost skill selection screen in Far Cry 5 
Far Cry 5 Ghost Skill

Harvest Master
  • Branch: Survivalist
  • Cost: 8 Perk points

Not only will you complete animal skin challenges faster with Harvest Master (meaning more perk points to spend), but you will accrue money much faster by selling those skins, so you can stay properly equipped at all times.

Likewise, the Fisher King perk will increase how much money you can make and also has the added benefit of letting you get more perk points by completing the heavier fish challenges.

Screen showing how to choose Harvest Master skill in Far Cry 5 
Far Cry 5 Harvest Master Perk

Black Market
  • Branch: Survivalist
  • Cost: 6 Perk points

While resources for crafting items aren’t super scarce, if you have a ton of money from using Harvest Master or Fisher King, then this skill makes it super simple to always have a steady supply of explosives and special ammo. If you are more into the “big boom” style of playing instead of being a stealth ninja, you want this perk.

Far Cry 5 perk selection screen for the black market skill 
Far Cry 5 Black Market Perk

Those are all the perks I’ve found most useful in my playthrough of the game. What’s your favorite Far Cry 5 skill that didn’t make this list? Let us know in the comments section!

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