Old-time comics about zombies and adventures on Mars are ready and waiting to be collected as you explore the Far Cry 5 world map!

Far Cry 5 Complete Comic Book Locations Guide

Old-time comics about zombies and adventures on Mars are ready and waiting to be collected as you explore the Far Cry 5 world map!

Relics from ancient civilizations, masks left by a serial killer, letters penned by WWII soldiers: This is a series that loves its hidden collectibles, and Far Cry 5 is no exception.

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Early on in the game, you can start your collectible hunting by searching down 12 old-school comic books about Mars, Vietnam, and zombies scattered across all three main regions. While there’s a quest associated with the comics, they can be picked up at any time before receiving the quest.

You will likely come across a few just by exploring, but it is possible to mark the Far Cry 5 comic locations directly on the map before they are discovered if you go through a few extra steps.

Below we cover all 12 locations if you are having trouble tracking them all down. Not sure which ones you already picked up? You can see how many of each you already have by checking the Collectibles screen in your inventory.

First Mars comic in Far Cry 5 Getting started by finding the first Far Cry 5 Mars collectible comic

Far Cry 5 Comic Book Locations

To make this collectible hunt a lot easier, go talk to Nadine Abercrombie at the Dodd Residence in John’s Region, which officially kicks off the Golden Age Nostalgia quest to find all 12 comics.

After you have the quest activated, go to any store (even a vehicle-spawning store at a garage) and navigate to the Items section. Scroll down to Maps and spend the $1,200 to automatically mark all the comic book locations on your menu screen map.

Here’s the thing, though: Even with the map locations marked, finding the comics is still a bit of a chore because they aren’t visible while you are zoomed out and instead show up as a square point of interest. You have to zoom in really close and comb across the map to find the specific locations, which do not stand out at all on the screen.

Comic 1 (Vietnam)
  • Location: Boyd Residence
  • Region: John’s Region

This first comic is inside the house at the Boyd Residence. Head inside the bedroom and look for the comic on the bed (next to a hunting bow). It sort of blends in with the bed sheets, so you might miss it while just walking through the room if you don’t know where to look.

Where to find the first comic book in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #1 Location

Comic 2 (Mars)
  • Location: Parker Laboratories
  • Region: John’s Region

Head inside the trailer, and you can see this Mars comic book sitting on the edge of the desk near some papers.

Location of second comic book in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #2 Location

Comic 3 (Mars)
  • Location: Bradbury Farm
  • Region: John’s Region

Head inside the barn on the east side of the silo, and then climb up into the loft above the ground floor. The Mars comic is sitting on the corner of a mattress.

Map showing location of comic number three in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #3 Location

Comic 4 (Zombie)
  • Location: Peaches Taxidermy
  • Region: Faith’s Region

Go inside the house at Peaches Taxidermy to find this comic sitting next to the TV and by a box of tissues. Note that this one is actually really close to comic #10, so you may want to grab that one next (see below).

Where to find comic book four in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #4 Location

Comic 5 (Zombie)
  • Location: Jefferson Lookout Tower
  • Region: Jacob’s Region

Head to the lookout tower at the northwest edge of the map that resides at the end of a winding road. The comic is clearly visible on a table next to a lamp and a bunch of money.

Another comic book location in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #5 Location

Comic 6 (Vietnam)
  • Location: McNeill Residence
  • Region: Jacob’s Region

To reach this comic, go around to the back of the house, and break the boarded window with a melee weapon attack. The comic is inside the bathroom on the counter near the sink.

Collectible comic book location Comic Book #6 Location

Comic 7 (Zombie)
  • Location: Eliot Residence
  • Region: Jacob’s Region

This building is just to the south of the F.A.N.G. Center where you recruit Cheeseburger. Like with the previous comic, head around to the back side of the house, but this time you are looking for graffiti on the wall.

Check along the edge of the wall to find a section of missing barbwire so you can jump up and pull yourself onto the roof. Crouch down through the window to find the comic book sitting on some stacked black lockers.

The spot on the map where comic number seven can be found Comic Book Location #7

Comic 8 (Vietnam)
  • Location: Chan Residence
  • Region: Faith’s Region

This house is on the southern slope of Angel’s Peak, where the giant statue is located. Head inside the cabin to find the comic on the bed near a fan.

Location of Far Cry 5's eighth comic book Comic Book Location #8

Comic 9 (Vietnam)
  • Location: Vasquez Residence
  • Region: Faith’s Region

You should see this house just to the west of the road (and south of an island). The comic book is inside, sitting on a couch next to some TV remotes.

Comic #9's location marked on a Far Cry 5 map Comic Book Location #9

Comic 10 (Mars)
  • Location: Camp Cougars
  • Region: Faith’s Region

This location is just southwest of comic #4, so you may want to grab them out of order if you are already in this area anyway. The comic is on the ground, sitting next to a tent at a campsite.

Place where you come across comic book #10 in Far Cry 5 Comic Book Location #10

Comic 11 (Mars)
  • Location: Boshaw Manor
  • Region: Faith’s Region

Head inside the trailer here to find the comic sitting on the nightstand next to the bed.

The eleventh comic book's location in Far Cry 5 Comic Book Location #11

Comic 12 (Zombie)
  • Location: O’Hara’s Haunted House
  • Region: Faith’s Region

Use the crate on the side of the building to climb onto the roof, then jump down near the attic window to get inside. This final comic collectible is found on a mattress on the floor.

Comic location 12 in Far Cry 5 Comic Book Location #12

That’s all 12 hidden Far Cry 5 comic books! Stay tuned for more guides coming soon on the baseball card, bobblehead, and lighter collectibles.

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