Hidden doomsday prepper stashes offer up all sorts of extra weapons, ammo, and even perk magazines in Far Cry 5!

Far Cry 5 Sunken Funds Prepper Stash Puzzle Guide

Hidden doomsday prepper stashes offer up all sorts of extra weapons, ammo, and even perk magazines in Far Cry 5!
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The typical hidden items you’d expect to track down get a makeover in Far Cry 5 as your hunted deputy seeks out abandoned doomsday prepper stashes filled to the brim with ammo and extra cash.

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These secret prepper stashes are essentially mini-puzzles based around using different game mechanics to access locked areas and nab some nifty equipment. They can involve blowing up obstacles, moving large objects with vehicles, or even jumping from airplanes to land on inaccessible rooftops.

The Sunken Funds quest is the very first doomsday prepper stash you can find in Far Cry 5, but it’s got plenty of players stumped, as there’s no obvious way to unlock the door to the boathouse or drain out the flooded cellar. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered, and the answer is easier than you might think!

Where to find sunken funds in Far Cry 5 as seen on a map Sunken Funds Prepper Stash Location

Far Cry 5 Sunken Funds Puzzle Solution

  • Location: Silver Lake Boathouse
  • Region: Dutch’s Region

This stash is found on the small island located in-between the three major regions of the game that you first explore during the tutorial section. Head over to the Silver Lake Boathouse and go up the path just in front and to the left of the boathouse on the lake.

You will see a big steel door on the ground you can open, but getting anything inside is a no-go, as the area is flooded. You can try swimming in, but it’s unlikely you’ll get to the safe and make it back before drowning. A note on the nearby shed door indicates the pump isn’t working because the power is off and the boathouse door is locked.

No matter how hard you try, the door to the boathouse won’t open (not even with explosives!), but there’s actually a really simple solution. Just jump into the lake and swim around to the back side of the boathouse. You can then swim under the entrance and get inside the building.

a red arrow pointing upward toward the bottom of a boathouse, with a bear and a cougar in the water nearby Swimming under the boathouse with Cheeseburger and Peaches

When you climb up the blue rope onto the walkway on the side of the boathouse, just flip the switch on the yellow breaker to turn on the power. You can either swim back out the same way you came in or grab the boathouse key hanging on the wall next to the locked door.

Now that the power is working, go back up the path to the shed by the stash. It’s still flooded, though, so interact with the yellow crank on top of the nearby pipe to finally open up the stash.

a water pipe emerging from the sunken funds stash in Far Cry 5 Pumping the water out of the Sunken Funds stash

With the power on and the water pumped out, now you can head down and explore at your leisure without worrying about drowning. Be sure to grab all the ammo on the side shelves, and then open the safe at the end of the hallway to grab the money and magazines sitting inside.

More stashes are scattered around the three main game regions, but you don’t have to remember their locations if you come across them during a story mission. As soon as you find a stash, a quest will automatically be added to the bottom of the quest list so you can track the location again later.

Most stashes can be accessed immediately, but a few require special tools or vehicles like a helicopter. Having trouble with any other prepper stashes? Let us know which one you can’t access, and we’ll get a guide up!

the Safe Funds safe sits wide open in a room in Far Cry 5 Raiding the Sunken Funds safe

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