Far Cry 6 offers a wide range of resolver weapons and supremo abilities, but you'll need to collect depleted uranium to unlock them. Here's how.

Far Cry 6 Depleted Uranium, Resolver Weapons, & Supremos Guide

Far Cry 6 offers a wide range of resolver weapons and supremo abilities, but you'll need to collect depleted uranium to unlock them. Here's how.

In Far Cry 6, some of the game’s best weapons and perks can only be had by collecting depleted uranium and trading it to Juan Cortez, one of your closest guerrilla allies in Libertad. Resolver weapons and supremos aren’t necessary to beat back Anton Castillo’s FND army and its leaders, but they do make reclaiming Yara easier. And to upgrade them, you’ll need depleted uranium.

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to get more depleted uranium and where to spend it to unlock the many supremo abilities and resolver weapons.

How to Get Depleted Uranium in Far Cry 6

Depleted uranium radiation hazard symbol near anti-aircraft gun.

Map of all anti-aircraft guns in Yara.

To find depleted uranium, you’ll want to search Anti-Aircraft Sites dotted around Yara’s map, denoted by red markers with white canons. There are 26 to destroy. You can find them by exploring or finding informants and briefs marked with black diamonds and white exclamation points.

In addition to clearing the skies for travel via plane, helicopter, and wingsuit fast-travel, you can also find 50 Depleted Uranium within each site

Each Anti-Aircraft Site is guarded by somewhere between 2-5 guards. But how do you destroy an anti-aircraft gun in Far Cry 6? Easy: it takes only a single grenade or stick of dynamite to blow up, if you want to do it while you’re there getting the uranium.

As for that precious resource, you’ll see it near each AA gun, marked with a radiation hazard symbol on your mini-map. You don’t need a key or anything to open these caches, so your only obstacle will be the FND guards.

You can try sneaking around them or just take them out by whatever means you prefer. Once you have secured the depleted uranium, you’ll be able to trade it in for Resolver and Supremo weapons.

Resolver Weapons

La Sorpresa resolver weapon at Juan's Arms Dealer.

Resolver weapons are meant to embody the Libertad’s guerrilla, DIY style. Crafted often using spare parts and makeshift attachments, the resolver weapons have a more distinct look than regular guns and often pack some of the biggest punches of any weapon. 

You can buy resolver weapons at Juan Cortez’s shop on Libertad island, or from any of his Arms Dealers across the open-world map, from Quito to Valle de Oro.

While they are upgradeable, they aren’t quite as customizable. For example, if you want to put a silencer on your resolver weapon, you won’t be able to if it doesn’t already have one. However, this weapon class covers all the bases, from flamethrowers to harpoon guns to explosive snipers and more.

Each resolver weapon costs 100 depleted uranium, which you’ll earn for every two Anti-Aircraft sites you explore. Here’s the full list of weapons and their type:

  • Tostador  flamethrower
  • El Muro  revolver with body shield
  • La Clavadora  harpoon gun
  • El Besito  poisonthrower
  • Pyrotechno  fireworks launcher
  • El Susurro  nail gun
  • Discos Locos  disc launcher
  • Zeusito  electrified rifle
  • El Pequeno  chain gun
  • La Sorpresa  explosive sniper rifle
  • La Varita  wall-puncturing rifle

Which is the best resolver weapon? That’s up to you, but I loved La Clavadora for its deadly and silent harpoon-slinging. Upgrading it to have it sling even farther and faster makes it an excellent choice for all stealth-centric guerrillas.

In the late-game missions, I also loved La Sopresa because its sticky grenades quickly take down helicopters, which tend to show up in the epic battles later in the story.

Another that could be called “best” is El Muro, which pops a shield up for defense against everything from bullets to grenades. And it packs a punch.

Collecting them all will take 1,000 depleted uranium; the last one, La Varita, can only be had by completing the treasure hunt mission “Triada Blessings,” so you can skip the uranium for that one.

Supremo Abilities

Fantasma supremo at a resolver workbench.

Supremos are new special weapons you wear as a backpack in Far Cry 6. They are the equivalent of an ultimate ability as seen in other games, operating on a cooldown timer that can be hastened through various perks, abilities, and character builds.

Like resolver weapons, you can buy supremos at Juan Cortez’s shop on Libertad Island or from any of his Arms Dealers. There are seven Supremos in to pick up while in Yara, and each offers an ability catering to different playstyles. Herre’s the full list of supremos and what they do:

  • Exterminador  launches a series of homing rockets 
  • Fantasma  launches poison gas onto the battlefield
  • Volta  emits a powerful EMP, disabling vehicles and security devices
  • Furioso  emits an explosive ring and allows for a mid-air thrust when jumping
  • Medico  allows for self-reviving and rapid healing of yourself and allies
  • Gladiador  enter an enraged state and get a speed boost and permits machete kills on all enemies while active
  • Triador  marks enemies in cover

You’ll earn the Exterminador naturally as your advance the story, and the Triador is unlocked by completing the “Triada Blessings” treasure hunt side quest — the same mission that grants you the La Varita Resolver weapon.

For the rest of these backpacks, you’ll need 100 Depleted Uranium to buy each of them, so collectively, you’ll need another 500 depleted uranium.

That means you’ll have to unlock chests and caches at 30 Anti-Aircraft Sites across Yara. These can be tackled in as little as a few seconds, though, so the hardest part may just be getting around the sprawling world at a decent pace.

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Now that you know where to find depleted uranium, and where every anti-aircraft gun is on the map, you’ll be able to upgrade your resolver weapons and supremo abilities in no time. For more, consider clicking the links above or checking out our Far Cry 6 hub for more guides on Ubisoft’s latest sandbox.

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