Far Cry 6 Fishing Outfit: How to Get Each Piece of Gear

Need to up your angling game in Far Cry 6? You'll need to the Fishing Outfit. Here's how to unlock every piece of gear.

Need to up your angling game in Far Cry 6? You'll need to the Fishing Outfit. Here's how to unlock every piece of gear.

The fishing outfit in Far Cry 6 makes all of those afternoons and evenings by the water after a day full of explosions and bullets that much more meaningful. Some perks make better use of your time casting a line, while one even keeps animals from attacking you while you’re waiting for fish to bite.

That’s good, too, because there are a ton of fishing locations spread throughout Yara, each with its own varied level of difficulty. Thing is, fishing can actually be pretty difficult, and you’ll need some help for the tougher spots. So how do you get the fishing outfit?

How to Unlock the Fishing Outfit in Far Cry 6

Build the Fishing Hut Guerilla Camp Upgrade

The fishing hut guerilla camp upgrade.

With each of the three bases of operation across Yara in Madrugada, Valle de Oro, and El Este, you are given the option to establish new guerilla camp facilities. These upgrades range from the Hunting Lodge to Hideout Networks and can help make your time on the archipelago more efficient.

Each camp allows you to build two facilities each, so the Fishing Hut may not be at the very top of your list. But if you’re roleplaying an angler, you can unlock the Fishing Hut with gasolina and medicine from the Construction Desk foreman.

How to Get the Angler’s Vest, Angler’s Gloves

Angler's vest.

Build the Fishing Hut. It’s as simple as that.

This will unlock easy fishing spots, two fishing brochures, and the ability to collect fish parts from further away. It also gifts you the first two pieces of the Fishing Gear Set.

You will receive the Angler’s Gloves and Angler’s Vest. The first has the XYZ perk, which improves your reel speed. The latter has the Still Waters ability, which will stop wild animals from attacking you while you fish.

How to Get the Angler’s Pants, Angler’s Sandals

Angler's pants.

Angler's sandals.

The rest of the Fishing Gear set is reserved to upgrading the Fishing Hut. You’ll need to make sure that you have plenty of gasolina and medicine stocked up. However, these two components happen to be the most common of the lot, so if you’ve been exploring, you’re likely fine.

Upgrade to the Enhanced Fishing Hut for 110 gasoline and 110 medicine to unlock two hard fishing spots, two Fishing Brochures, two pieces of the outfit, and the ability to attract bowfishable fish using throwable bait. 

The Angler Sandals have the Aquatic Athlete perk, which improves your swim speed. This is great if you happen to be a little further out and need to snatch up some fish parts.

The Angler Trousers have the Fish Pro ability, which lets you get more bang for your buck by scavenging additional fish meat. 

How to Get the Angler’s Cap

Angler's cap.

Upgrade to the Perfect Fishing Hut, which is the third and final level for the guerilla camp improvement. It will set you back 200 gasolina and 200 medicine, but it will be well worth the price. 

The upgrade unlocks extreme fishing spots, the ability to fish with fire, bullets, or explosives without damaging fish meat, and the final piece of the set.

The Angler’s Cap has the Improved Angler perk, which decreases the time you spend waiting for fish to bite and increases your catch radius. 

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