Want to know where to get Supremo Bonds and Gunpowder in a hurry in Far Cry 6? You've come to the right place.

Far Cry 6 Gunpowder & Supremo-Bond: How to Upgrade Weapons, Supremos

Want to know where to get Supremo Bonds and Gunpowder in a hurry in Far Cry 6? You've come to the right place.
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Crafting mods in Far Cry 6 is the most important it’s ever been in the series. To upgrade your arsenal at the workbench, whether it’s regular guns, Resolver weapons, or Supremos, you’ll need lots of gunpowder and a lorry full of supremo-bond. You can’t just add new mods with any ol’ materials. 

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To find what you’re looking for, you’ll need to sift through the spoils of Yara, searching FND and Libertad caches, tracking down supply drops, and completing interceptions and other side missions. Supremo-bond and gunpowder are key to going toe to toe with Anton Castillo’s forces and can be found almost anywhere on the Far Cry 6 map. 

Where to Find Gunpowder & Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6

While both supremo bonds and gunpowder are equally important, they both have very different uses. Supremo-bond is reserved to your Supremo backpacks, which range from an artillery launcher to a healing device. This material doesn’t craft backpacks  you’ll need Depleted Uranium for that  but they do allow you to upgrade your ability so it packs an extra punch. 

Gunpowder is far less specific. Gunpowder is essentially needed to make any upgrade across all weapons. This includes upgrading your sights for a sniper scope, as well as a mod on your RPG. 

Complete Story Missions

Supremo-bond icon.

The first thing you’ll want to do is complete story missions. A good number of them will reward you with gunpowder, while some will even give you supremo-bond to get started on upgrades. You can go to your journal and highlight each mission to see its rewards.

These also help you open up more of the map and create new fast travel locations, making the next, most profitable method, easier.

Search for FND and Libertad Caches

Red and black FND cache on the ground.

As you complete story missions, you’ll want to take time to explore for more crafting materials. Check for gunpowder and supremo bonds at FND Checkpoints, Military Targets, and Anti-Aircraft Sites. All of these locations usually have at least one FND chest you can loot. Sometimes the chest has a unique piece of gear, other times it contains the upgrade materials you’re looking for. While finding bonds this way is rare, it’s possible.

FND crates can be found nearly anywhere there’s a military presence. Some, though, are behind locked doors at Checkpoints and Military Targets. You’ll need a keycard to access the room they’re in. Keycards can usually be found in nearby structures or on the dead body of the area’s ranking officer (who is designated by a yellow marker). 

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for blue and white Libertad caches tucked away along guerilla paths and in some hideouts.

Intercept Supply Drops via Recon Points

Supply drop with yellow smoke.

If you’re tight for time or want to level up your character before moving on through the story, seeking out Recon Points is a good idea. Recon Points are marked as red diamonds with white radios in them on the map, and interacting with them will have you chasing down supply drops before Castillo’s forces scoop them up.

By activating the radio device, you will be tasked with reaching the supply drop before the timer runs out. You’ll be looking for large green crates with beige straps emitting yellow smoke.

Once you arrive at a supply drop, there will be a few guards to take out. After you’ve disposed of the soldiers, approach the supply drop and collect it. This won’t just provide you with experience points, but also supremo-bond and gunpowder

You can also find supply drops randomly as you’re exploring Yara; they don’t have to be initiated by visiting a Recon Point. So be on the lookout.

Complete Ambushes

Ambushes are side missions that see you helping the guerillas fight off FND forces. These are represented on the map as red diamonds with white guns. You’re guaranteed one gunpowder and supremo-bond for completing every ambush.

Information brief marked by black diamond with white exclamation point.

One of the best ways to mark cache, checkpoint, recon, and other important locations on your map is to liberate parts of Yara and explore. When you liberate new areas, informants will appear, giving you intel on these places and revealing them on your map.

Those on the side of Libertad will give you information for free; FND informants will require pesos for information. Exploring furhter will also uncover certain documents that fulfill the same purpose.

All of these are marked as black diamonds with white exclamation marks in the middle. They show up on your HUD and your minimap, so keep an eye out.

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Now that you know how to find gunpowder and supremo-bond, you’ll be upgrading your guns, Resolver weapons, and Supremos in no time. Just keep an eye out for FND caches, supply drops, and informants. You can find more Far Cry 6 tips here.

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