Wondering how to buy more guns in Far Cry 6? This guide tells you exactly how to do that.

Far Cry 6: How to Buy Guns and Expand Your Arsenal

Wondering how to buy more guns in Far Cry 6? This guide tells you exactly how to do that.

Far Cry 6 has a vast armory of weapons to choose from, but how do you buy guns to up your firepower against the FND? Whether you want better handling, a larger clip size, or something with armor-piercing rounds, weapon shops let you buy (some of) the guns you’re looking for and expand your arsenal.

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This quick tips guide will tell you everything you need to know if you’re wondering how to buy guns in Far Cry 6.

How to Buy Guns in Far Cry 6

Before getting into how to buy guns, it’s important to point out that you can find many Far Cry 6 weapons simply by exploring. While FND and Libertad caches often contain crafting materials like gunpowder and supremo-bond, they also sometimes contain weapons, even those sold in a shop, for what amounts to free. 

You’ll come across these at every checkpoint, most military targets, airports, plantations, you name it. You can pinpoint these caches on your map by speaking to FND informants or by finding maps in military installations and anti-aircraft sites (both are marked with black diamonds with white exclamation points). This makes sure you don’t have to farm currency and buy guns.

But if you don’t want to search and you’d rather just spend money, there are three vendors from which you can buy guns in the game: Juan’s Arms Dealer, which is different than Juan’s Weapons, the Guerilla Garrison, and the Black Market.

Guns from the first two vendors cost pesos, and their prices are determined by their class (such as rifle, submachine gun, etc.) and their star rating (2-Star, 3-Star, etc.). Buying guns from the Black Market will cost you moneda. 

Buy Guns From Juan’s Arms Dealer

Juan’s Weapons will be the first gun vendor you come across while in Yara. This shopkeep will show up after you’ve made it through the tutorial and arrived on Libertad Island.

This shop is designated by a green icon with a white shopping cart. Simply go to the marker and interact with the vendor, and enter the “purchase” tab to bring up their wares and buy guns.

This specific vendor will always be on Libertad Island. However, their inventory changes every time you level up, meaning some new guns and gear will enter the rotation, while others will leave. Some will stay in rotation, but not forever. So buy guns when you can.

Build the Guerilla Garrison

The Guerilla Garrison can be built at any of the three guerilla camps you find across Yara. To build the Guerilla Garrison, visit the construction desk in any guerilla camp, and choose it from the options available. You can only build one per game, so like Juan’s Arms Dealer, you’ll have to fast travel to it to buy guns.

Here’s what each upgrade level gives you:

  • Level 1: basic weapons
  • Level 2: advanced weapons
  • Level 3: specialist weapons

Keep in mind that the Guerilla Garrison does not give you access to as many weapons as Juan’s Arms Dealer. 

Visit the Black Market

You can visit Lola in each guerilla camp to access the Black Market. Here, you can buy guns for moneda, which you get from completing Special Operations and Insurgency missions and playing online co-op. Even some Bandido Operations will reward moneda from time to time, so remember to check into the board near Lola as well. 

Like other vendors and shops, you won’t be able to buy every weapon from the Black Market with moneda, but you’ll be able to add some decent weapons to your arsenal. 

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And that’s how you buy guns in Far Cry 6. All of the weapons sold at Juan’s Arms Dealer and the Guerilla Garrison can also be found by opening FND caches spread across Yara. So if you don’t want to farm for pesos or moneda, explore bunkers, military outposts, towns, and everything in between. For more tips, consider clicking the links above or heading over to our Far Cry 6 help hub.

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