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Want to upgrade your resolver weapons and supremos to the max? You'll need industrial circuits. Here's how to find them.

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits: Where to Find Circuit Locations

Want to upgrade your resolver weapons and supremos to the max? You'll need industrial circuits. Here's how to find them.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

Far Cry 6 industrial circuits are an important part of crafting. They’re essential for upgrading some of the most unique arms in Yara: Resolver weapons. These will let you bring the hurt to Anton Castillo’s FND army, but to take them to the next level, you have to find industrial circuit locations first.

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Unlike gunpowder and supremo bonds, two other important Far Cry 6 crafting materials, you won’t come across industrial circuits by simply playing through the game. Instead, there are only a couple of ways and locations in which to actually acquire them. 

How to Get Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6

Buy Them from Lola’s Black Market

Lola by Special Operations and Bandido Operations.

One of the easiest ways to find industrial circuits is by purchasing them from Lola. Lola can be found in any of the three main guerilla bases across Yara once you open them up by completing campaign missions for either the Monteros, Maximas Matanzas, or the Legends.

Lola is the vendor you visit for Special Operations, Far Cry 6’s co-op missions; this is often next to Bandido Operations, as well.

However, speak with Lola, and you’ll notice a Black Market menu next to Special Operations. Tab over to that to find their selection weapons, model Chibis, and crafting materials such as industrial circuits.

Everything in the Black Market can be bought with Moneda currency, which is earned through completing any co-op multiplayer activities online, completing Special Operations through Lola, or through the weekly Insurgency. Insurgencies aren’t unlocked until you have completed the main campaign, but offer 2,500 Moneda each week. 

Though each industrial circuit costs 150 Moneda a piece, you’ll be swimming in the currency and these crafting components if you stick to the activities above.

Trade Meat For Industrial Circuits 

Alpha crocodile meat trade for industrial circuits.

Lola isn’t the only source of industrial circuits in Yara. You can also collect the resource by trading meat. However, only certain types of animal meat are in demand for the rare crafting and upgrade material. You’ll need:

  • Alpha crocodile meat
  • Alpha jaguar meat
  • Alpha coyote meat

Since these qualities are a bit harder to come across in the wild, you’ll need to be delicate when hunting crocs, jaguars, and coyotes. That means no ballistic weapons if you’ve not upgraded the Hunting Lodge. Instead, use something like the bow to take down your prey.

Acquiring the Primal Hunting Outfit is a great help here, as it comes with a ton of perks for hunting animals. If you upgrade your Hunting Lodge, you should be able to use any weapons without the fear of spoiling your meat.

Once you have acquired the right meat, you can trade it at any workbench on Yara. Just access your workbench, and select the trade materials option at the bottom. Here you can look at all the meat that you have and the components trading them will give you. 

Search Libertad Hideouts

Every Libertad hideout has a blue Libertad chest. You will sometimes find this crafting resource in these locations. It’s rare but always possible, so be sure to check. You unlock the hideouts by visiting the foreman at any of the three guerilla camps in Yara and building the hideout network.

Complete Ambushes

Just like Libertad chests, you’re not always guaranteed industrial circuits as rewards for completing ambushes, but some will gift you the resource for helping the guerillas push back the FND. Ambushes are red icons with a white gun inside them; however over the symbol on the map to see what rewards it offers.

So, Why Collect This Crafting Resource?

Resolver workbench upgrade, proximity explosive.

Industrial Circuits are among the rarer upgrade components in the game, and they take a bit of digging to root them out. They’re important, though, because they are used to craft advanced upgrades for your weapons and Supremos. This makes them incredibly valuable for your endgame builds as you finalize the perfect loadout.

Most advanced upgrades will set you back between three and five circuits, so you’ll need to make a decent collection as you blast through Anton’s army. 

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And that’s how to find industrial circuits in Far Cry 6. Now that you have the locations of the appropriate resources, you can level up your weapons and Supremo arsenal to become the ultimate guerrilla fighter, freeing Yara from Castillo’s grip. If you found this guide helpful, consider clicking the links above or heading over here!

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