Wondering how to get the Hidden In Plain Sight trophy or achievement in Far Cry 6? Here's how to unlock the secret ending to get it.

Far Cry 6 Secret Ending: How to Get Hidden in Plain Sight

Wondering how to get the Hidden In Plain Sight trophy or achievement in Far Cry 6? Here's how to unlock the secret ending to get it.

Far Cry 6 has a secret ending, which you may have known about if you’ve looked at the game’s trophy or achievements lists. But how do you get the Hidden in Plain Sight trophy/achievement for seeing the secret ending? If you’re looking to platinum FC6 or get every achievement, read on. 

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Getting the secret ending is actually pretty easy, but it does require you to start a new game if you’ve made any progress into Yara proper. You only get one chance to unlock the secret ending, and it comes early. Here’s how to get Hidden in Plain Sight and make a quick exit from Yara.

Complete the Tutorial

Map of Libertad Island.

Unlike previous franchise entries, the secret ending in Far Cry 6 is slightly further into the game. Far Cry 4’s could be found in your first interaction with villain Pagan Min. However, you’ll need to play your way through the tutorial section here if you want to get the secret ending.

The opening story moments make it clear your protagonist is a reluctant guerilla fighter just looking for a way out. But they’re caught before being able to leave the island for good (no spoilers; this part is in the trailers).

At the end of the tutorial bits on Isla Santuario, which introduce you to resolver weapons, supremos, and amigos, you’ll destroy some stuff and get the hell off Santuario and head toward Yara proper.

You’ll end up on a dock on Libertad Island, just off the coast of Madrugada and El Este on the map. This is Libertad’s HQ, where you’re introduced to your first guerilla camp, as well as Juan’s Shop. But before all of that, you’re offered a quick out. 

Get on the Boat on Libertad Island

The Libertad Island boat dock.

On the dock, Clara and Juan offer Dani a way to leave Yara and the revolution behind by way of a rickety boat. When you are prompted to speak to Clara about joining Libertad and fighting dictator Anton Castillo and his FND forces, ignore the prompt.

Instead, get on the boat and navigate south of Libertad Island. If you keep going in this direction, Dani will remark that it’s “not my fight”, and sail away from Yara for good.

This will unlock the Hidden In Plain Sight trophy and achievement. This is the only time you can unlock the quick, secret ending, so make sure you sail away at this point. 

Chillin’ In Miami

You’ll then be greeted with a cinematic that begins with “3 Months Later”. You’ll see Dani lying on a sun-lounger on a beach. A radio nearby detailing events in Yara, with a final update on the revolution and its leader, Clara. 

The scene fades, and credits roll. 

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And that’s how you get the Hidden In Plain Sight trophy and achievement for seeing the secret ending in Far Cry 6. If you’re looking for more on Ubisoft’s latest open-world shooter on PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series X|S, Staida, and Amazon Luna, consider clicking the links above. Nothing catch your eye? Then try heading over to our FC6 guides hub for more.

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