Yes, that's a Flintstones car that apparently was driven by a drunk caveman into a lake.

Far Cry Primal’s best easter eggs

Yes, that's a Flintstones car that apparently was driven by a drunk caveman into a lake.

Although not quite equal to the unending string of hilarious easter eggs from Just Cause 3, the newly unleashed Far Cry Primal has its share of in-jokes and nods to the fans.

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If you don’t feel like covering every inch of the world map to find ’em yourself (but seriously, you should), then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show…

The Assassin’s Creed Connection

Found by accepting missions from Urki at the southeastern end of Oros, this easter egg is available during the “Fly Like Bird” quest. After bringing all the feathers to Urki, he’ll perform a leap of faith, hurling himself off a tall cliff into a pile of twigs and leaves (not at all unlike the silly way you save your game in Ubisoft’s other major franchise).

The “Kanda Of Faith” achievement/trophy also has a similar connotation, tasking you with climbing to the top of the Pardaku Lookout peak and jumping off to land in the pool of water below (although it’s more likely you’re going to break your neck on the protruding rocks).

The Blood Dragon’s Origins

In a secret cave located above a waterfall in the snowy northeast corner of the map, you’ll come across a familiar skeleton for fans of Far Cry‘s hilarious neon 80’s action spin-off.

Finding the carcass also unlocks the “Mark 4 Wenja” achievement/trophy, referencing all-American action — Rex Power Colt from Blood Dragon

Stone Age Sex

OK, I’m not actually sure if this really an easter egg or just something the developer put in to simulate the visceral nature of the setting, but those who are so inclined can watch some stone age Hot Coffee action.

Different NPCs around the game will occasionally get it on, but one location in particular seems to get the cave men all hot and heavy. Head south of the Paysha River outpost and near a campfire you’ll frequently find a couple hanging around.

When you first catch sight of them, they’ll walk up close together and then they touch a bit, and finally they drop to the ground and start going out in with some digital bump ‘n grind action. Unfortunately for the voyeur Takkar, the couple never seems to get to finish, because wild animals are always running in to eat the mating tribe members!

Pre-Historic Foot Traffic

You can have a bit of a yabba-dabba-doo time in Far Cry Primal if you know where to look. In the southwest section of the map is a large lake marked by the symbol of a bitefish.

Jump in for a swim and just off the shoreline you’ll see a Flintstones-style car, complete with no floor for foot-powered movement. There’s even a steering wheel and everything.

Of course, the Flintstones reference just reminds you that there’s no dinosaur animal companions — and what a terrible missed opportunity that was. Come on Ubisoft – dinosaur DLC please!

Death From Above

In a nod to Far Cry 4, giant birds of prey will swoop down and steal animals you are hunting – even larger quadrupeds like goats! Enjoy the hilarity of one truly perplexed player witnessing it in action below.

These are all the easter eggs we’ve found so far while venturing across Oros, but there’s bound to be more discovered. Be sure to let us know about any you find in the comments below! Need help surviving the harsh Oros landscape? Check out our Far Cry Primal tips and strategies here.

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