Farlight 84: How to Invite Friends

Surviving is easier with a squad. Here's how to invite friends in Farlight 84.

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Farlight 84 has joined the roster of online battle royale games. You can play squads or duos in lobbies of 40 players, so playing with your friends is an ideal option. Here, you’ll find our complete guide on how to invite friends Farlight 84.

How to Invite Friends in Farlight 84

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Farlight 84 has crossplay, so you can team up with your friends no matter where they play. You’ll invite them the same way, regardless of platform. Here are the required steps:

  • Play an introductory round of the game to unlock the friend features.
  • Search for and add friends from your friend list.
    • You can easily search for friends directly from your friend interface, found in the top left corner of the screen. The friend icon is the double portrait silhouette next to your player identification. You can also search for recent players here.
  • Invite friends directly from the lobby.
    • You’ll notice “Invite” in the center of the main lobby. Simply click this to add existing friends from your list.
  • Invite friends or recruit from the Invite Flags.
    • Directly above the “Start” key, you’ll spot a single flag with “Invite” and a double flag with “Recruit.” Select “Invite” to add exiting friends to your lobby, and “Recruit” to head to the Squad Finder feature.

Wait for your friends to appear in your main lobby before hitting the Start button. Additionally, we all know communication is important on the battlefield, so I recommend adjusting your audio preferences by selecting “Squad” in the bottom left corner of the main lobby before your match. 

That’s all there is to know about how to add friends in Farlight 84. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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