Farming Simulator 22 Erlengrat Collectibles: Where to Find All Cheese Wedges

Earn some extra cash by finding all of the cheese wheels on the Erlengrat map with the help of this Farming Simulator 22 collectibles guide.

Earn some extra cash by finding all of the cheese wheels on the Erlengrat map with the help of this Farming Simulator 22 collectibles guide.
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There are 12 Cheese Wheels to find as collectibles in the Erlengrat map for Farming Simulator 22. Their locations are spread all over the idyllic town modeled after a cozy town nestled in the Swiss Alps, and finding them all will net you a bonus $120,000 USD in starting money, which can go a long way towards growing your farm’s profitability.

The Scavenger hunt achievement is one of the interesting new additions to Farming Simulator 22 over the previous games in the simulator series. Each of the three base maps has collectibles (there are a whopping 100 in the first map and 20 in the second), but Erlengrat has the fewest to find. Here’s where to find each of the 12 cheese wedges in Erlengrat, with screenshots and coordinates for all of the collectibles.

Farming Simulator 22 Erlengrat Cheese Wheels: All Locations

Coordinates: x 481, y 335.

The first wedge of cheese can be found at the end of the train platform between Field 7 and Field 3.

Coordinates: x 1194, y 523.

The next of the 12 cheese wheels can be found on a swing by a house to the right of the starting spawn location.

Coordinates: x 1158, y 863.

Cheese Wheel three can be found a bit northeast of the Spinnery building by some dumpsters.

Coordinates: x 1047, y 845.

The fourth of these collectibles can be found sitting on a crate by the loading docks near the chocolatier production point.


Coordinates: x 1146, y 960.

This wedge can be found in front of a planter to the right of the cheese statue in the town square.

Coordinates: x 1265, y 1011.

You can spot the next wedge on a bench in front of the stained glass window of veggies.

Coordinates: x 1159, y 1083.

Another of the cheese wedge collectibles is just relaxing on the swing. I accidentally picked it up prior to the screenshot, but I promise it’s there!

Coordinates: x 932, y 1186.

From this point on, the cheese wedges get further from fast travel points, so using a vehicle to find their locations is advised. This one is sitting pretty under a yellow canopy south of Field 22.

Coordinates: x 1012, y 1363.

This wedge is the first of several collectibles perched on a bench. It can be found to the south of the city center just off of a winding road overlooking the town.

Coordinates: x 1542, y 1136.

Another benchwarmer, this cheese wheel is overlooking the town from the mountaintop restaurant to the east. 

Coordinates: x 997, y 1717.

You’re going to want a vehicle for sure to get to the second to last wedge of cheese found far to the south of the map.

Coordinates: x 363, y 1934.

Your collectibles cheese hunt ends in the lower-left corner of the map by a lovely restaurant overlooking the water and Alps. 

Congratulations, you’ve found all of the hidden Cheese Wheels in Erlengrat in Farming Simulator 22. Now that you have all of the collectibles in hand, you should have a better idea of the lay of the land for your future farming endeavors, as well as a bit more cash in your pocket. For more on Farm Sim 22, check out our other guides here, including tips on animal husbandry and more.

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