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Farming Simulator 22: How to Buy Land

Wondering how to buy land in Farming Simulator 22? Here's what to do.

You can get by in Farming Simulator 22 by just doing contracts. If you want to roleplay as a hired hand, that’s one way to experience the game. But most of us are here to start our own industry, whether that be forestry, ranching, or some other form of agribusiness. To do that, we need to purchase plots. Here’s how to buy land in Farming Simulator 22.

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How to Buy Land in Farming Simulator 22

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Follow these easy steps to buy land in Farming Simulator 22:

  • Open the map.
  • Choose Farmland.
    • Press L3 on Xbox and PlayStation.
    • Press X on PC.
  • Hover over any brown plot that appears on the map.
  • Highlight the plot in blue.
    • Press R3 on Xbox and PlayStation.
    • Press LMB on PC.
  • Buy the land.
    • PlayStation: Square
    • Xbox: A
    • PC: Space

You’ll see your current funds and how much the land costs to buy (value) at the bottom of the screen. 

When you buy land, you also get the crop currently planted there. Additionally, if it’s still growing, you’ll have to wait to harvest it. However, if it’s ready to be harvested, you’ll need the proper tools to do so.

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How to Sell Land 

Sell land by following the steps above, then pressing:

  • Triangle on PlayStation.
  • Y on Xbox.
  • Backspace on PC.

The sell price will be the same as the buy price. If you find that you can’t sell land, it’s because you have peaceable items on the plot, and you’ll need to move or sell those first. These include anything from the Construction menu, such as garages, sheds, etc.

Other Tips for Buying Land

The map overview screen allows you to see what crops are currently planted on plots of land. Use the filters on the right side of the screen to see what the colors mean. For example, potatoes are burgundy, canola is green, and grapes are purple. 

You can also filter to see the growth stage of each piece of land, as well as soil composition. The latter lets you know if a field needs to be limed, fertilized, or weeded, among other things. 

As with anything in Farming Simulator 22, don’t buy land on a whim. The first thing to consider is the cost of the land in comparison to your current funds and needs. Don’t prioritize expansion over tending to your current needs. 

Further, some fields are harder to care for than others. Indeed, consider the machinery and resources you have available and if they can adequately care for the field. Different terrain types call for different farming tools and techniques. 

That’s how to buy land in Farming Simulator 22. For more tips and strategies, including our complete guide to forestry, head over to our FS22 guides hub right here.

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