Follow our guide for what you need to know to complete the Ooku Revival event in Fate/Grand Order.

Fate/Grand Order Ooku Revival: Complete Event Guide

Follow our guide for what you need to know to complete the Ooku Revival event in Fate/Grand Order.

Ooku Revival is an annual event in Fate/Grand Order that puts players into the labyrinth of the Edo Castle in Japan, where they need ot fight a hefty number of bosses.

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This event can be quite confusing to new players, so our guide will provide you with a clear guide on how to complete Ooku Revival event in Fate/Grand Order, including a list of all rewards in the end.

Main Quests and Explorations

Complete Main Quests

The Ooku Labyrinth has a straight path that covers the main quest, and many divergent paths leading to various challenges. The more of these explorations you complete, the more challenges you unlock, gaining more and more rewards in the process.

The main quests include the following chapters:

  • Prologue.
  • Acts 1-10.
  • Final Act.

Beginning from Act 2 you will start encountering NPCs, bosses to fight, and earning completion rewards such as Saint Quartz. Once you complete the Final Act, you will be rewarded with Crystallized Ore.

Complete Exploration Quests

Once you reach your first junction in the labyrinth, you can use your Osuzu Lantern to unlock the first diverging path. These quests are optional, but offer lots of valuable rewards.

The exploration quests include the following paths:

  • Levels 1-5.
  • Mystery Spot.

Each Level consists of crossroads that have left and right passages. Most passages contain boss fights and rewards, but not all of them. Once you reach the dead end of any one passage, simply return to the junction and try another route.

Once you complete Act 8 of the main campaign, you will gain access to the Mystery Spot, which includes five floors worth of additional exploration quests.

Note that players can use no more than two main servants and one support servant during these exploration quests.

Recommended Servants

Players may recruit event servants to assist them in conquering the labyrinth. Here is a list of the best servants one can get:

  • Kama (+100% bonus damage, +50% bonus bond).
  • Yagyu Munenori (+50% bonus damage, +20% bonus bond).
  • Parvati (+50% bonus damage, +20% bonus bond).
  • Scheherazade (+50% bonus damage, +20% bonus bond).
  • Sesshoin Kiara (+50% bonus damage, +20% bonus bond).
  • Mata Hari (+50% bonus damage, +20% bonus bond).
  • Mashu Kyrielight (+50% bonus damage, +5% bonus party bond).

Free and Challenge Quests

Once you complete all the main and exploration quests, and gather all the event items, you can start doing the post-event free and challenge quests.

The free quests include the six floors with rooms, where each room contains additional boss fights and rewards, such as Silver and Golden Apples. Here is a complete breakdown of all free quests:

  • Floor 1: Tanuki’s Room, Fox’s Room, Dragon Room.
  • Floor 2: Mirage Room, Shiranui Room, Aurora Borealis Room.
  • Floor 3: Dusk Room, Twilight Room, Room of Everlasting Darkness.
  • Floor 4: Falcon Room, Owl Room, Bird of Paradise Room.
  • Floor 5: Plum Hallway, Peach Room, Beauty Under the Moonlight Room.
  • Floor 6: Lady Kasuga’s Ooku.

The final challenge quest becomes available after you complete all main quests. Here’s the list and order of Jochu bosses you will face:

  1. Kiyohime.
  2. Shikibu.
  3. Hokusai.
  4. Osakabe.
  5. Ibaraki.
  6. Shuten.

After defeating all six bosses, you will be rewarded with some more Crystallized Ore.

Event Items and Rewards

During both main and exploration quests, you will be able to pick up three items, including:

  • Flower Hairpin.
  • Tsuki Tsuya Beni.
  • Snowy Face Powder.

These items can be exchanged in the event shop for various rewards, which can be very helpful during and after the event. Here’s what you can get for these items:

  • Gilding the Lily: Increases arts and quick performance.
  • Spirit Root: Animates statues.
  • Bloodstone Tear: Strong curse.
  • Medal of Great Knight: Adds loyalty and merit.
  • Lancer Monument: A piece of lore.
  • Caster Monument: A piece of lore.
  • Assassin Monument: A piece of lore.
  • 10,000 QP: In-game currency.
  • Lamp of Demon Sealing: Summons powerful elemental.
  • Infinity Gear: Spinning machine.
  • Stinger of Certain Death: Causes death status effect.
  • Lancer Piece: A piece of lore.
  • Caster Piece: A piece of lore.
  • Assassin Piece: A piece of lore.
  • Giant’s Ring: A piece of lore.
  • Rainbow Yarn: Extremely shiny ball.
  • Dragon Fang: Summons dragon tooth warrior.
  • Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid: Turns any human into a mage.
  • Status Up Cards: Cards that level up your status.
  • Experience Cards: Cards that add XP.

Lastly, you will also receive, special command codes and craft essences, such as:

  • The Nun with a Bodhisattva’s Merciful Gaze (+20% bonus damage).
  • The Spear of Love, Conduct, and Wisdom (+2 critical stars).
  • Faint Black Delusion’s Command Seal (Inflicts 600 damage).
  • Crowning Beauty, Greater Glory (+100% bonus damage).
  • The Princesses’ Pilgrimage (+1 Flower Hairpin drop).
  • Spring Beauty (+1 Tsuki Tsuya Beni drop).
  • Firefighter’s Spirit (+1 Snowy Face Powder drop).

That’s everything you need to know on how to complete the Ooku Revival event in Fate/Grand Order. If you’re completely new to this game, then check out our Fate/Grand Order Beginner Tips and Tricks guide.

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