Currently, there's over 20 weapons available for you to find when you drop into Fear The Wolves and here's a guide of the best ones you should look for!

Fear The Wolves Beta: Guide to Best Weapons and Their Usage

Currently, there's over 20 weapons available for you to find when you drop into Fear The Wolves and here's a guide of the best ones you should look for!
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The developers behind Fear The Wolves, Vostoc Games, have recently announced they’re planning to extend the closed beta of their game, thanks to the helpful back of the players currently trying it out. This decision also comes with the choice of releasing the beta to select players in waves, starting from July 26 to the 30, prior to opening it for early access.

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How can you get ahead of the competition? We’ve compiled a list of a variety of different weapons you can find when you drop into this battle royale and how you can best optimize their use in combat.

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Primary Weapons


When you get up close and personal, this weapon works great when you want to surprise your enemy. You can quickly mow them down with the AEK-919, as the weapon comes a fire rating. While it packs a punch, it does suffer from a lack of stability, and an even lower accuracy. This gun works best when you’re entering buildings and need to watch your corners. 

Definitely not a weapon you want to take out into the streets with you. Unfortunately, Fear The Wolves does not have any close quarter outdoor locations, meaning you’ll want to tuck this weapon away and use something else when you’re outside.


How can you have a game influenced by Russian themes and not have an AK-47? This weapon comes with only medium accuracy and firing rate. If you continuously fire this weapon at once you’ll find the stability begins to falter as you pepper your enemy with bullets. The best strategy is to fire this weapon if three to five shot bursts. The weapon was likely modified to serve as a medium range weapon, as the damage done by this weapon knocks anyone back to the main menu, if you can pull the trigger fast enough.

Keeping your fire rate low will increase the chances you hit your target and not have to substitute brutal power for stability. You’ll find the most success with this weapon in the urban environments as you can use the small pieces of cover to your advantage, compared to the open forests.


Among the primary weapons I was able to find, this one stood out to me. None of the statistics on this weapon were in the low range. The A-545’s damage and fire rating were listed as the highest, but the stability and accuracy were both average, not low in anyway. If you run across this weapon, grab it immediately. There’s no negative attributes about it, making any weapon you have on at any point worth exchanging for this one.

Because the stats were above average across the board, it was useful in any situation or environment. The only thing negative about this weapon is you cannot snipe with it, but that didn’t stop me from attaching a scope to it.


The Vepr-12 is an automatic shotgun. If you’ve played PUBG, then you know this weapon is great in sticky situations and when you’re inside of buildings because of its high damage. Unfortunately, everything else about this weapon, its stability, accuracy, and fire rating, are all fairly low. Pick up this weapon if you don’t find any automatic rifles or submachine guns. 

Due to its high damage, you can likely find use of this weapon when you’re clearing buildings or plan to run up to your enemy. Because you only have seven shots with this gun before you need to reload, you better make sure they hit their target.


The classic Uzi makes an appearance in Fear The Wolves and you can bet it does some damage. Surprisingly, its fire rating doesn’t stand out too much and settles on the above-average range. Despite its high fire rating, it doesn’t lose too much stability, instead it lacks in accuracy. You won’t want to walk up to a small village, see an enemy, and start firing with this weapon. Most of your shots won’t hit their mark and you’ll have given your position away.

Keep this weapon with you, because as the circle begins to tighten your enemies will run to the chopper and you can follow close behind them. This weapon would then make short work of them, granting you the chance to make it to safety.

Secondary Weapons


Of the pistols in this game, I found this one the most. You’ll find that this weapon’s stability makes it stand out among the other choices. Because you can reliably find the APS in various buildings, it’s a great weapon to grab and take with you when you’re starting on. 

Of the attachments available to this weapon, make sure you can locate its silencer. If you find this you can take out foes who are a short distance away, from the comfort of a home or a small shed.


This was my favorite secondary weapon to have at my side during my time in Fear The Wolves. I likely clocked most of my kills with this game, as many late-game players who found me were able to pick me out before I could see them. I earned most of my early game kills because of the weapon’s outrageous stability. Though it doesn’t have the best fire rate, the weapon remained on target and dealt a great amount of damage. When you find this, drop whatever secondary you have and equip it.

You should take out most enemies you encounter during the early game when you have this equipped, unless they come after you with an AK-47 or a A-454.

Fort 17

This ties in second as one of the better sidearms to have in Fear The Wolves. The Fort 17 also came with reliable stability, but I felt like the weapon’s lower damage granted my opponents the opportunity enough escape room to run away from sight to heal, or grab a weapon and turn the situation around on me. This is certainly a good gun to start with, but don’t rely on it too much. 

Surprisingly, I only found this weapon a handful of times. Despite the CZ-7B being a better gun, I was able to find that more than this one. It almost didn’t make the list because of its absence. 

Beretta 93R

The fastest sidearm in the Russian east. Unlike any of its counterparts, this weapon has a burst fire setting, letting you spray your enemy with a rain of gunfire. It goes without saying this pistol has the best fire rating of any other sidearm because of its burst fire, but it does lack in damage and accuracy. If an opponent can get far enough way from you, you’re going to miss a majority of your shots.

The weapon felt like a shotgun in that you’re going to have difficulty with an opponent at medium range away from you. If you can spot anyone first, try to get closer before firing off the Beretta 93R.

Melee Weapons


You’ll likely encounter plenty of these within the first few houses you run into. It’s a decent weapon to rush into a building after an enemy with, but once someone sees you, and you’re at a distance, you’re toast. You’ll want to have this weapon on you, just in case you run out bullets early in the game. Otherwise, you can avoid picking this up and try to find a pistol nearby.

So far, this was the only melee weapon I could encounter while I played the closed beta. More may get added in the future.

That’s everything we have on some of the best weapons we found while playing Fear The Wolves’ closed beta. Were you able to find anything else?

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