What you need to know about FFXIV's Veteran Rewards and how to obtain older ones.

FFXIV: All Veterans Rewards List

What you need to know about FFXIV's Veteran Rewards and how to obtain older ones.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular and arguably the best MMORPG games. Even though the game is pay-to-play, a lot of users can get massive amounts of rewards just by playing the game. A reward system called “Veterans Rewards” provides loot depending on how many days you’re subscribed to the game.

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Every Veterans Rewards in Final Fantasy XIV (Patch 6.3)

Image via Square Enix

There are four rewards available in Patch 6.3 of Final Fantasy XIV. To get these rewards, you must be subscribed to the game for 60 to 330 days (around two months to a year). There’s no way to get these rewards even if you completely grind out the game. Here are all of the Veteran Rewards in Patch 6.3:

  • Advent Attire — 60 Days or Two Months
  • Tantalus Attire — 150 Days or Five Months
  • Wild Rose Attire — 240 Days or Eight Months
  • Leonhart Attire — 330 Days or Eleven Months

Can you still get past Veteran Rewards?

Image via Square Enix

For those who are looking to get past Veteran Rewards, we have great news for you. Considering they are already out of rotation, you can still get them by trading Achievement Certificates to the Master of the Rolls near the Amphitheatre at Old Gridania. Here’s the list of past Veteran Rewards, along with the number of certificates required:

  • Wind-Up Cursor Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Black Chocobo Chick Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Cascadier Uniform Voucher (Swimwear Glamours) — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Beady Eye Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Minion of Light — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Wind-Up Leader Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Black Mage Barding — Three Achievement Certificates
  • Behemoth Warhorn Mount — Six Achievement Certificates
  • Wind-up Warrior of Light Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Barding of Light — Three Achievement Certificates
  • Wind-Up Gilgamesh Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Wind-Up Odin — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Goblin Cap — One Achievement Certificate
  • Wind-up Goblin Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Wind-up Nanamo Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Fat Chocobo Head — One Achievement Certificates
  • Wind-Up Firion Minion — Two Achievement Certificates
  • Wild Rose Barding — Three Achievement Certificates
  • Enquire Within Furniture — Three Achievement Certificates

In total, you’ll need about 44 Achievement Certificates to get all of these items. Although it can be a bit of a grind, you’ll most likely be able to farm for all of them within the same time (1 Year) that you’ll get the final Veteran Reward.

That’s all you need to know about the current Veteran Rewards in FFXIV. Check out our other FFXIV tips and guide articles.

Featured image via Square Enix.

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