FFXIV Amdapor Keep Guide Part 3 Anantaboga

The final segment of my Amdapor Keep guides.
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This is part three in my three part series of Amdapor Keep guides. In this guide I will be covering the final boss of Amdapor Keep, Anantaboga. Here are a few things to know before going into the fight.

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  • Rotting Breath adds a debuff to anyone it hits that decreases the healing they receive.
  • Tank will always tank in the top right corner if looking at it from the entrance.
  • Adds will always spawn in the order of top left, bottom right, bottom left, top right when viewed from the entrance.
  • Targeting the boss can be difficult due to the line of sight tanking method.
The Fight

As I stated before, the tank will pull it to the top right corner. In order to do this in a way that the DPS and healer do not get hit with tail swipe while positioning, the tank is to pull it straight back, and to the right afterwards. Until the tank is positioned, no one else is to perform any actions due to the boss being very fickle during positioning. Once the tank is in position the fight can begin.

Anantaboga will use a skill called Rotting Breath; this skill will add a debuff on the people it hits, lowering the amount of healing the player receives. There is also an extremely large rear cone AoE. This rear AoE is brutal to anyone caught by it so only go behind to apply rear bonuses and then move out. The tank will be taking a lot of damage as well so the healer needs to focus.

At around 75%, Anantaboga will use a room-wide AoE ability that will one-shot anyone it hits. The move can be avoided by line of sighting the giant orb that spawns in the middle of the room using the statues. After the AoE one of the statues will come to life, depending on the previously stated Statue order. You can only avoid four in this manner so if your damage is too slow and the boss does a fifth AoE, it’s a guaranteed wipe.

After the second AoE, Anontaboga will start sending mini-balls after random targets. These balls need to be placed away from the rest of the party. You can see who the balls are targeted on by the purple lines that are linked from boss to player. It’s preferrable to place these balls at entrance so that their AoE is not hitting the party.

That wraps up my three-part guide on Amdapor Keep. Next I’ll be writing guides on Wanderer’s Palace. For the other segments of my Amdapor Keep guide, check my part one and part two guides.

Leave a comment below if you have a guide request, and share this out to spread the knowledge of the fight. For more guides please check my all encompassing list of guides.

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