FFXIV – Carpenter Class Quest Guide

A list of Carpenter class quests, what they require, and what they give.

A list of Carpenter class quests, what they require, and what they give.
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Carpenter class quests are but small hurdles on your way to max level, but the end result of those hurdles is the Ullikummi, your level 50 carpentry tool to ride your crafting into the sunset.

This guide is outdated as of the 2.1 patch! I will be fixing it all up once I can. Please check my FFXIV guide list for updates. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The overall goal of this and the other tradecraft class quest guides is to give those of you leveling some idea of what to do ahead of time (and know what gear is to come), or for those of you (like me) who rush your tradecrafts and go back and do the class quests later.

There are three particular things to note here:

  1. Every quest sans your level 1 has a monetary optional reward instead of gear. These amounts are not listed.
  2. The required items for the quests between 1 and 15 can be purchased at either a guild supplier or tradecraft vendor. It’s up to you whether you want to craft or purchase the requested item.
  3. The optional rewards are the same among every tradecraft. For example, the level 10 Carpenter quest offers the same rewards as the level 10 Culinarian quest and so on. This does not apply to level 50 quests.
Level 1 – My First Saw

Requires: 1 Maple Lumber
Components: 1 Wind Shard, 3 Maple Log
Reward: 150 Wind Shard, 100 Ice Shard, 30 Maple Log, Hempen Kurta

Level 5 – To Be the Wood

Requires: 3 Square Maple Shield
Components: 1 Ice Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 2 Bronze Rivets, 1 Maple Lumber
Reward: Amateur’s Claw Hammer, 200 Wind Shard, 150 Ice Shard
Optional reward: Hempen Bandana, Hempen Chausses, Maple Pattens

Level 10 – Supplies for the Sick

Requires: 12 Ash Lumber
Components: 1 Wind Shard, 3 Ash Log
Reward: Bronze Saw, 250 Wind Shard, 200 Ice Shard
Optional reward: Amateur’s Headgear, Amateur’s Kurta, Amateur’s Smithing Gloves

Level 15 – A Carpenter in Need

Requires: 1 Feathered Harpoon, 1 Ash Shortbow
Feathered Harpoon components: 1 Ice Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 1 Crow Feather, 1 Ash Lumber, 1 Soiled Femur, 1 Animal Glue
Ash Shortbow components: 1 Ice Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 1 Hempen Yarn, 1 Ash Lumber, 1 Ash Branch
Reward: Recruit’s Claw Hammer
Optional reward: Hempen Doublet Vest of Crafting, Hard Leather Merchant’s Pouch, Ash Pattens

Level 20 – The Lance’s Lesson

Requires: 1 Iron Lance (melded with 1 materia)
Components: 1 Ice Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 2 Iron Ingot, 1 Hard Leather, 1 Elm Lumber
Reward: Initiate’s Saw
Optional reward: Initiate’s Headgear, Initiate’s Gloves, Cotton Breeches of Crafting

Level 25 – A Crisis of Confidence

Requires: 1 Walnut Lumber (HQ)
Components: 2 Wind Shard, 3 Walnut Log
Reward: Initiate’s Claw Hammer
Optional reward: Silver Magnifiers, Initiate’s Gown, Velveteen Halfgloves

Level 30 – In Yew We Trust

Requires: 1 Walnut Cane (HQ)
Components: 2 Ice Shard, 3 Wind Shard, 1 Walnut Lumber, 1 Growth Formula Beta
Reward: Iron Chocobotail Saw
Optional reward: Velveteen Beret, Velveteen Gown, Velveteen Shortgloves

Level 35 – Growing Apart

Requires: 1 Oak Longbow (HQ)
Components: 3 Ice Shard, 4 Wind Shard, 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Linen Yarn, 1 Oak Lumber, 2 Ash Branch
Optional reward: Mythril Magnifiers, Apprentice’s Smock, Linen Halfgloves

Level 40 – Memento Mori

Requires: 1 Oak Composite Bow
Components: 4 Ice Shard, 5 Wind Shard, 1 Beast Sinew, 3 Oak Lumber, 1 Aldgoat Horn
Reward: Apprentice’s Claw Hammer
Optional reward: Linen Deerstalker, Linen Smock, Boarskin Smithy’s Gloves

Level 45 – Gone till the Sixth Astral Moon

Requires: 1 Cobalt Halberd (HQ), 1 Jade Crook (HQ), 1 Yew Longbow (HQ)
Cobalt Halberd components: 5 Ice Shard, 5 Wind Shard, 1 Cobalt Ingot, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Boar Leather, 1 Oak Lumber
Jade Crook components: 5 Ice Shard, 5 Wind Shard, 1 Jadeite, 1 Mahogany Lumber, 1 Spoken Blood, 1 Horn Glue
Yew Longbow components: 5 Ice Shard, 6 Wind Shard, 1 Clove Oil, 1 Raptor Sinew, 1 Rosewood Lumber, 2 Yew Branch
Reward: Mythril Chocobotail Saw
Optional reward: Woolen Deerstalker, Woolen Smock, Raptorskinb Smithy’s Gloves

Level 50 – Saving Captain Gairhard

Requires: 1 Rosewood Lumber (HQ), 1 Crab Bow (HQ, melded with Savage Aim III materia)
Rosewood Lumber components: 6 Wind Shard, 3 Rosewood Log
Crab Bow components: 6 Ice Shard, 6 Wind Shard, 1 Oak Composite Bow, 1 Aldgoat Horn, 1 Green Megalocrab Shell, 1 Red Coral
Reward: Ullikummi
Optional reward: Carpenter’s Hood, Carpenter’s Gloves, Carpenter’s Workboots

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