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Hello! Considering the overwhelming (and unexpected) popularity of some of my Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn guides and lists, I've decided to take the time to list out all of the guides I've posted here on GameSkinny to make jumping between them a little easier.

Please note as you look through these guides that I am not level 50 on every class, and a good deal of information has either come from friends, people who were nice enough to help, and cross-referencing several materials found online. The primary goal with all of these is to provide quick and easy go-to materials for my fellow Final Fantasy XIV players.

The first list of guides are those that are already complete and can be found on the site. If you see any errors (you just might, I'm only human!), please do not hesitate to pop a comment here and let me know. I am 100% dedicated to fixing data errors and typos in these texts.

The second list are those that are currently on the pipeline, while the third comprises of those I am not sure whether to go through with or not. If you see a topic in the third list you personally would like to see, please let me know.

Leve listings are to be receiving new, more convenient layouts this week. The food listings are getting updated and reworked soon.

Completed Guides

Tradecraft leves

Armorer guides and lists

Alchemist guides and lists

Blacksmith guides and lists

Carpenter guides and lists

Culinarian guides and lists

Goldsmith guides and lists

Leatherworker guides and lists

Weaver guides and lists

Fieldcraft guides

Crafting skills

Food guides (does not include PvP foods)

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Published Jul. 20th 2017
  • Derpy durr
    I'm still using this guide in 2015, even though I have all my crafts 4*. It's that good.
  • Keith R. Starkey
    People who do work like this simply...well, they simply rock!
  • Tetsukage_7567
    The unbreak my heart leve for alchemy is incorrect.
    Unbreak My Heart Lv.10
    Exp. 6066
    Roof Tiles x3
  • Jason Zuniga
    I would like to see the Botanist Guide that you would put together. I think you are doing a very good job and I commend you for your efforts with putting these guides up. <standing applause> =)
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I have it sitting in the wings, but I'm holding into it for now because they're seeing some changes after 2.1. X3 I'll get it up as soon as I fix all the tradecraft information on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • typosrsxey
    I am brand new to this game and am so happy I found this! Could you possible explain a bit further on what the turnins mean for the leve quests?
    Example: (copied form one of your powerleveel guides)
    Level 10 (11,800 XP): 6 (HQ: 2)
    Level 11 (15,600 XP): 7 (HQ: 3)
    Level 12 (19,600 XP): 9 (HQ: 3)
    Level 13 (23,700 XP): 11 (HQ: 4)
    Level 14 (26,400 XP): 12 (HQ: 4)
    All at once (97100 XP needed): 44 (15)
    Straight from 10-20 (300200 XP): 135 (HQ: 45)
    Are you saying that I will need a total of 44 reg or 15 HQ items to get from lvl 10 to lvl 20? The amount needed to farm/gather before turnin is what is throwing me off a little! Any Clarification would be amazing. Thank you again for this great guide!
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    That is indeed what I mean. :) You brought up something I hadn't noticed before, though! I accidentally didn't put 10-11, 11-12, 12-13 and so on on many of the level 10 leve listings in the powerleveling guides. It's a little more obvious past those. :) I'll get to fixing that up in just a bit!

    But to fully clarify, the first number is the amount needed to turn in for standard-quality, and the one in parenthesis is that for high-quality turn-ins. If you haven't read my repeatable levequest guide yet, I highly recommend it because it explains why repeatables are preferable, and why the XP is so much higher. But basically, you get triple experience for turning in high-quality items for these leves instead of standard quality.
  • d_8000
    these do help me a lot, thanks!
  • Giorgio Rondon
    I totally support your work it has helped me a lot and I can say if u do a Miners Levemete Guide I would totally appreciate it!
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    Thanks a bunch, I'm just happy to help. :) I do plan on doing mining and botany leves after my current project. So, I'd say look for it sometime next week or over this weekend?

    I am overall aiming to catalog as much information as possible, as compactly as possible.
  • chang_7605
    oh..please, pretty please.. do the fate grinding one ^.^
  • Stoke_7996
    I believe your link to the weaver class quests is incorrect. It's taking me to the leve guide.
  • Sugy_2730
    This helps me a lot. thanks!
  • seira_5476
    OMG!!!! THANK YOU!!! Love you!!!!
    and cant wait for the fisher tackle list :)
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    That one will be coming up either tomorrow or the day after. It got pushed back a little bit to make way for the class quest lists. ;D Glad I could help!
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I made a similar list because I agree that having an all encompassing list makes things easier. I also linked to your list in the opening since I don't really go heavy into gathering and crafting as far as guides even though I'm a 50 Botanist Carpenter and Weaver.
  • Ryan Chizmar
    Featured Correspondent
    Awesome collection of guides! Glad to hear they can easily be found on one page. I think a guide on finding all tradecraft ingredients/components and another that has the full recipe lists for every tradecraft would be VERY useful for many people out there!
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I'm actually working on this right now, it's just a hefty task that requires a lot of sorting and whatnot. My Culinarian ingredients and where to get them will be coming out today, as the first of them.

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