FFXIV - 2.1 Tradecraft Leves Guide

Tradecraft leves as a whole are more viable than ever, sans triples.

The 2.1 patch brought a slew of changes to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's tradecraft leves to make the lives of crafters everywhere easier.

The first change from leve grinding in 2.0 to 2.1 is that almost every leve now has a reasonable EXP reward. In 2.0, triple turn-in leves were provided the highest EXP per leve allowance by far, but in 2.1 standard Constancy and Ingenuity leves have had their base EXP rewards doubled.

High quality leve turn-ins now result in a double EXP bonus as opposed to the previous triple bonus, which is exactly how triple turn-ins became such a staple of the crafting diet for the duration of the 2.0 patch.

All in all, these changes are great for any crafter still leveling and leves as a whole are still great sources of experience for those looking for a slightly less tedious leveling method.

So why level using tradecraft leves?

Base crafting EXP did not change with the 2.1 patch, meaning leveling using leves is still a very time-efficient option when compared to simple craft grinding.

Using leves still provides a number of benefits over simply grinding:

  • Small goals to work toward.
  • Leves now provide shards more often, and there is still a random listing per tier at a levemete will provide eight times the standard shards. For example, Level 30 tradecraft leves provide 6 shards per turn-in by default, but there is a chance one will be listed with 48 instead. This can occur at all level tiers and refreshes each time you pick up or complete a leve.
  • Gil rewards! The amount of gil you get from completing a leve is by no means huge, but can add up as you push through more. Gil rewards were adjusted in 2.1, with some leves rewarding more gil than before and some rewarding less.
  • The EXP rewards are quite nice now on normal quality turn-ins. HQ turn-ins are no longer a must, and hence leve grinding is much easier.

Normal quality or high quality turn-ins?

Because the base EXP rewards for so many leves were doubled with the 2.1 patch, normal quality (NQ) turn-ins are now provide a respectable amount of experience in comparison to past amounts. High quality (HQ) turn-ins now provide double the EXP reward. Previously they provided triple.

This change to bonus rewards was likely to make it less of a requirement to turn in high-quality items. In addition, it makes triple turn-ins far less valuable in comparison to similarly-leveled peers. Here are some examples:

Comparison of a standard 2.0 Culinarian leve and its updated 2.1 EXP rewards:

Whirled Peas (Level 25)

2.0 EXP rewards: NQ: 9885 XP
                                  HQ: 29655 XP

2.1 EXP rewards: NQ: 19770 XP
                                  HQ: 39540 XP

Comparison of a triple turn-in 2.0 Culinarian leve and its updated 2.1 EXP rewards:

Fever Pitch (Level 25)

2.0 EXP rewards (once): NQ: 8505 XP
                                               HQ: 25515 XP

2.0 EXP rewards (triple): NQ: 25515 XP
                                               HQ: 76545 XP

2.1 EXP rewards (once): NQ: 8505 XP
                                               HQ: 17010 XP

2.1 EXP rewards (triple): NQ: 25515 XP
                                               HQ: 51030 XP

Leve guides for individual tradecrafts

And of course, I have plenty of information on repeatables if you're still looking for them specifically. For the sake of a relatively clean page here, I will just point you in the direction of my FFXIV Guide List to find your way to repeatables coverage.

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Published Jul. 20th 2017
  • Caleb_5156
    How about money, are the money rewards any different?
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    From what I've noticed thus far, they are not on tradecraft leves. DoL leves, however, have had their gil rewards increased.

    Sorry for the late comment, by the way. I'll do a check on 2.0 and 2.1 DoH gil rewards tomorrow and update this article to reflect what I've found.
  • Shar_7149
    Thank you so much for doing this. I've been using your guide involving triple turn ins for some time, and I was at a loss as to how to level crafts now that 2.1 is out. I'm breathing easier now. :)
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I'm happy to help. :) I was fairly worried myself, but the changes are overall for the good.

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