FFXIV - Repeatable Armorer Leves Guide for Faster Leveling

You do leves, you get XP at an exponential rate. Hurrah!

Tired of slaving away to level your Armorer class? These repeatable leves will give you that extra experience you need to ascend to the next level and onto level 50, provided you're willing to work hard to complete the tasks.

Something to note here that I mentioned in the primary Repeatable Tradecraft Leves Guide is that you must turn in each order three times, hence the 'repeatable'. If you only intend to fill an order for its base amount, it is  better if you go with a single turn-in leve, as their base XP will be higher.

The item amounts listed here are the initial order number. You must make and turn in three times the listed amount, and ensure each given item is of high quality to make the most of these leves. You could choose to go with standard quality, sure -- but you will be receiving half the XP you could with high quality items.

The listed experience amounts are the bare minimum. Multiple high quality turn-ins will result in 6x the base XP.

(Leves saw some significant changes with the 2.1 patch, including passive nerfs to repeatable/triple tradecraft leves. Check out my 2.1 Tradecraft Leves Guide for information on the changes.You may do better to use my Complete Armorer Leves Guide instead because of the increased viability of Constancy and Ingenuity leves.)

Level 20

Limsa Lominsa - Get Me the Hard Stuff (7331 XP)
   Requires: 3 Ironclad Bronze Buckler
   Ironclad Bronze Buckler components:
                 1 Ice Shard
                 1 Earth Shard
                 1 Bronze Buckler
                 1 Bronze Ingot
                 1 Iron Rivet

Quarrymill - Not Enough Headroom (7331 XP)
   Requires: 3 Iron Celata
   Iron Celata components:
                 1 Ice Shard
                 1 Earth Shard
                 2 Iron Plate
                 1 Iron Rings

Level 25

Limsa Lominsa - Tisket Tasset (13240 XP)
   Requires 3 Steel Tassets
   Steel Tassets components:
                 3 Ice Shard
                 2 Earth Shard
                 2 Steel Plate
                 1 Aldgoat Leather

Quarrymill - Get Shirty (13240 XP)
   Requires: 3 Steel Chainmail
   Steel Chainmail components:
                 3 Ice Shard
                 2 Earth Shard
                 3 Steel Rings
                 1 Undyed Velveteen

Level 30

Limsa Lominsa - Romper Stomper (17670 XP)
   Requires: 3 Steel-plated Jackboots
   Steel-plated Jackboots components:
                 3 Ice Shard
                 3 Earth Shard
                 1 Steel Plate
                 1 Aldgoat Leather
                 1 Diremite Sinew

Costa del Sol - They've Got Legs (17670 XP)
   Requires: 3 Steel Sabatons
   Steel Sabatons components:
                 3 Ice Shard
                 3 Earth Shard
                 1 Brass Ingot
                 2 Steel Plate
                 1 Steel Rings
                 1 Toad Leather

Level 35

Limsa Lominsa - Get Me the Usual (23940 XP)
   Requires: 3 Heavy Steel Flanchard
   Heavy Steel Flanchard components:
                 4 Ice Shard
                 3 Earth Shard
                 3 Steel Ingot
                 2 Steel Rings
                 1 Boar Leather

Coerthas (Observatorium) - I've Got You Under My Skin (23940 XP)
   Requires: 3 Steel-plated Caligae
   Steel-plated Caligae components:
                 4 Ice Shard
                 3 Earth Shard
                 1 Steel Plate
                 1 Steel Rivets
                 1 Boar Leather
                 1 Animal Sinew

Level 40

Limsa Lominsa - Distill and Know that I'm Right (32049 XP)
   Requires: 3 Mythril Alembic
   Mythril Alembic components:
                 5 Ice Shard
                 4 Earth Shard
                 1 Steel Ingot
                 1 Mythril Plate
                 1 Mythril Rivets
                 1 Eye of Earth

Coerthas - Employee Retention (32049 XP)
   Requires: 3 Mythril Elmo
   Mythril Elmo components:
                 5 Ice Shard
                 4 Earth Shard
                 2 Mythril Plate
                 1 Mythril Rivets
                 1 Boar Leather

Level 45

Limsa Lominsa - Some Dragoons Have All the Luck (39087 XP)
   Requires: 3 High Mythril Armor
   High Mythril Armor components:
                 5 Ice Shard
                 5 Earth Shard
                 1 Electrum Ingot
                 4 Mythril Plate

Mor Dhona - Dealing with the Tough Stuff (33573 XP)
   Requires: 3 Cobalt Ingot
   Cobalt Ingot components:
                 5 Ice Shard
                 2 Cobalt Ore
                 1 Iron Ore

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Published Jul. 20th 2017
  • Eddy_4828
    Limsa Lominsa leves allow you to level up very fast : just make hq steel and mythril ingots and gain 5 levels an hour.
    Eg : lvl 35 Hollow hallmarks nets you 65k Exp and about a 1000 Gil,...for just one mythril ingot.
    Just make sure you have plenty of allowances
  • mahdi_6457
    what about the earlier ones? lvl 10 - 20
  • Kujak_4218
    The pattern for Iron Celata calls for 1 handful of iron rings and 2 iron plates. You have the numbers backwards.
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    Whoops. Seems I got a few mixed up typing all of the lists. Trying to nab them all now. Thanks for the heads up, and fixed!

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