FFXIV Copperbell Mines Guide Part 2

I wrap up my Copperbell Mines guide with both strategies for the final boss Gyges the Great.

I wrap up my Copperbell Mines guide with both strategies for the final boss Gyges the Great.

For the second half of my Copperbell Mines guide I will cover both strategies for the final boss, Gyges the Great. There is the safe method and the all out method. both of which are pretty basic just different approaches to the same fight.

Strategy One: The Safe Method

If you’re unsure which method you should be using then this method is the one for you.

For the safe method, make sure both DPS are aware that they will be focusing on adds. For this method the tank will hold Gyges in the middle of the room and everyone will burn down the boss. Gyges will eventually go to the north of the room and start attacking a rock, continue burning the boss until he breaks the rock. Once broken, the tank will reposition Gyges back in the center of the room and just turtle while stepping out of AoE.

The Dragoon here is already prepared to swap to the adds, which is good for the safe method.

At this point the DPS will drop a few attacks on the boss but as soon as an add spawns, the DPS will swap to the adds and burn them down while building the Limit Break. If adds are left unchecked, unless you have a good enough group to run the all-out method, you will get overrun when they break the second rock. Once the Limit Break is full, the melee DPS, if you have one, will stop and go Limit Break Gyges. Once Gyges is down below 5%, you can just focus the boss again.

Strategy Two: The All Out Method

This method depends greatly on party composition, gear, and preparation. If you don’t have at least one melee DPS, I don’t recommend this method. Basically up until the first rock is broken, the fight is identical as the safe method. Once the rock is broken, tank will reposition back to the middle but DPS will remain on the boss.

Pretty much the entire fight should look like this other than the few seconds where Gyges goes to break the rock for the all out method.

At this time, DPS will burn all damage buffs and use food if they hadn’t done so already. Again, you’ll want the melee DPS to use the Limit Break when it’s full. Keep all damage over time effects active, and continue to activate your buffs as need/availability arises. If done right, the second rock will not break before Gyges is dead. As you can see, both methods are straight forward. No crazy mechanics or anything–just a DPS race.

As a side note my videocast will be covering Copperbell Mines for episode 2. Look for that on Tuesday; every other Tuesday from that point on will contain a new episode. For more of my guides, including the first half of Copperbell Mines, please take a look at my guide list overview.

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