FFXIV: Copperbell Mines Hard Guide – First Boss

The only thing that needs 100% focus is picking up the bomb

The only thing that needs 100% focus is picking up the bomb
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The first boss of Copperbell Mines Hard is fairly simple. All you have to worry about is add maintenance and persistent ground AoE. Hecatoncheir Mastermind himself is, for the most part, a common Hecatoncheir mob.

  Key Points Of The Fight:
  • The tank should pick the Mining Dross up immediately, and then start tanking the boss. Use AoE attacks to clear the Dross while fighting.
  • Hecatoncheir Mastermind uses a circle AoE that will ignite portions of the bridge afterwards. Make sure you’re moving to the next bend before this attack finishes.
  • Once part of the bridge ignites, a bomb will spawn. Kill the bomb as soon as possible. This bomb has a large circle AoE self destruct that will one-shot anyone it hits.
  • After the second segment ignites, two additional Hecatoncheir will spawn, these are normal Hecatoncheir and the tank will hold them while the DPS pick up the bomb again.
  • After the third section ignites, the tank will pick up three more dross while the DPS pick up the last bomb. There will be no more ignited sections after this, there is also very little room to move.

Here is the fight right before the last segment lights up. I went ahead a bit early. If you look beyond the Hecatoncheir though you can see the circle AoE notification for the last bridge burn.

Additional Notes:

Make sure you’re not getting too wrapped up in certain parts of the fight. The only thing that needs 100% focus is picking up the bomb. There really aren’t any tricks to master after that. You’ll learn the precise locations of where the three fire sections end after a few attempts.

Mistakes can happen in this fight, the most likely is that someone will forget about the bomb. It’s not a huge deal so don’t fret about it. Vocal communication helps if you’re running with a regular group of people.

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