FFXIV: Dhorme Chimera Fight Guide

Here is my Chimera fight guide for the A Relic Reborn quest line.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Today we’re going to cover the Relic Reborn Dhorme Chimera fight. There are multiple ways to do this fight depending on your party’s composition. I’ll be covering the way that has the least interrupt dependency. 

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Party Positions

For this method, everyone will stack on Chimera’s rear left leg except for the tank and the off tank. The off tank will stand on the right side. Make sure the off tank is a Paladin to stun Ram’s Voice. The main tank will stand in front of Chimera like normal.

The Fight

After buffs, the tank will pull aggro on Chimera and pull it to the left wall to tank it there. Chimera uses several AoE attacks that can be avoided. There is a fire breath conal AoE to the front, an ice conal AoE to the right that slows, a lightning conal AoE to the left that stuns, and a rear conal AoE that poisons. These AoEs are easily avoidable in phase one, especially if you’re positioned properly. The reason everyone is stacked on Chimera is to prevent Dragon’s Voice from hitting them. The Paladin’s job is to stun Ram’s Voice, so this should never hit the group.

This is a good example of how you should be positioned for this version of the fight. You can also see the empowered dragon head in the image.

At around 75%, the dragon and the ram head will alternate being empowered. When the dragon head is empowered, Dragon’s Breath (lightning attack) becomes instant, so make sure you are in the right position. If necessary, overlap into the rear conal area until Chimera readies the poison AoE. When the ram head is empowered, Ram’s Breath becomes instant so healers should cleanse the off tank immediately when hit by the ice. The voices also deal higher damage when the corresponding head is empowered, but during this method, these should never be a problem.

At around 50%, Chimera will start using Ram’s Keeper and summoning lightning orbs. Ram’s Keeper places a circle of ice on the ground that slows anyone that touches it. The orb will target a random player and follow them until it explodes. If you have the orb, run away from the group. Crosshairs will form on you as the orb is summoned if it is on you. These skills are also affected by which head is empowered, and activate every time the heads swap. While the ram is glowing, the skills will be Keeper>Orb>Keeper, and when dragon glows, it will be enhanced Orb>Keeper.

Here you can see an the AoE circles that Ram’s Keeper leaves on the ground on the left side of the image. You can also see that the fight method this group is using is not the same one I outlined.

The main tank needs to pull Chimera along the cave so as not to trap the rest of the group in AoE. While the tank is dragging the boss the off tank needs to continue watching for Ram’s Voice. Everyone else should follow behind Chimera so that they can run in if Chimera starts Dragon’s Voice. This fight is all about positioning, so be aware of your surroundings and make sure you are in the right spot.

There are many different ways to do this fight, so if my way doesn’t work for you just try one of the other ways. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave a reply below. Check out my other Final Fantasy XIV guides here.

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