FFXIV Endwalker Level Checker Mount: How to Get It

Here's how to get the new Level Checker mount in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Here's how to get the new Level Checker mount in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

FFXIV‘s Level Checker mount is currently one of the most difficult to get in Endwalker. Players have been familiar with the Level Checker for some time thanks to the Stormblood Omega raid series, but the little cad hasn’t been made available as a mount until now.

So what makes getting the Level Checker mount in Final Fantasy XIV so difficult? It requires you to clear a particularly rare and difficult FATE twice, and getting that FATE to spawn requires effort and patience in itself.

That FATE’s name? Omicron Recall: Killing Order, which is level 90 and requires you to be able to fly in an endgame area. Minor spoilers ahead.

How to Get the Level Checker Mount in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The two FATES you must clear to spawn Omicron Recall: Killing Order are located in Ultima Thule, an area you don’t reach until near the end of the FFXIV: Endwalker MSQ.

The two FATEs you need to clear to make Omicron Recall: Killing Order spawn have Omicron Recall in their name, and they must be manually initiated at Base Omicron by speaking to N-0265.

There are some things to know about this FATE:

  • Omicron Recall: Killing order can only spawn at least once every 48 hours. Join a FATE train Discord server or use a FATE tracker to keep track of its last spawn and be ready to mobilize once the timer is up. You can also check Party Finder or put your own Party Finder listing up to form a party.
  • You will need to slay the Notorious Monster in this FATE, Chi, at least twice to get the Level Checker mount.
    • You must trade 12 Chi Bolts to get the Level Checker mount.
    • A gold clear on Omicron Recall: Killing Order grants six Chi Bolts.
  • This fight is no joke and requires more than a Light or even Full Party. You will need all the help you can get, do not be shy about joining a 24 person alliance to get it done. Do not be a lone wolf, you will probably die to mechanics.
  • Once you get all 12 Chi Bolts, you can trade them for a Level Checker Identification Key at (10.6,10.1) in Radz-at-Han with an NPC named Nesvaaz (Out-of-this-world Oddities).

All of this sounds easier than it actually is to get FFXIV‘s Level Checker mount, as the 48-hour timer and the fight itself are considerable barriers. Now is the time to get it, though, as more players are going to be open to the effort than later in the expansion.

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